Tuesday, December 26, 2006

36 Weeks and Counting

I am 36 weeks today! How time flies yet again!!!

Went for check up and Kimi is now approximately 2.6kg! We are very happy that he is growing well and placenta is also holding up well too.

My cervix has not dilated so our fears are abated. Have to see Dr Gordon next week, 4/1/07. As my cervix is still closed, he can't confirm if we are going ahead with the induction on 11/1/07. Guess, have to wait & see. Also did the Strep B swab today and to continue with BP medication as BP was not ideal.

Collected my 2 Wish-list Fisher Price mobiles from HB's colleague, Steve today who has kindly helped to lug back for us!! Can't wait to listen to it!!

Oh ya, forgot to thank Julie for giving the Ocean Wonders Aquarium (on the right) as a X'mas present to us and Kimi. Thanks very much again, Julie & Peter!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Busy Bee, X'mas Parties & Pressies !!!

M E R R Y X' M A S !!!
X'mas is finally here!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Have been busy baking brownies and swiss rolls for the x'mas log the past few days that my legs now resembles elephant leg ... sorry folks, no pix - too shy to even post! hahah!

X'mas Eve
As I was having a popiah party for our small gathering of close friends on the 25th, reckoned I made extra so that we can also have some for x'mas eve at Jen's place. I think I did quite well for a first-timer, keke! Amidst all the celebration, we forgot to take pix of the food, save for the log cake I baked.

I had a real scare today as I started feeling menstrual-like cramps from 8:58pm till about 9:40pm and the pain came in 5-10 mins intervals. Luckily Hb is back and Dr Gordon is back too but it's really still too soon for Kimi to arrive. So I kept telling Kimi to hang in there. Thank God, it was only Braxton-Hicks, Phew!

Above - Me & the girls, see how much they've grown & how tired I looked! Yucks!!

Left - As usual, hovering over the presents when they've almost opened up all of them!!

My dear Hb bought me this lovely leather time-keeper in the shape of a Retriever, I love it!!! So nice right??

X'mas Day
My popiah spread! Alas, NO PIX again as Hb again forgot to snap ... So sad! BUT .... All of us had alot of fun rolling the popiahs, HB in his enthusiam, added too much filling and made a popiah burger instead!! hahah! But got pix of the xmas log I baked though ... complimentary of Charmaine - as usual, she's always thoughtful and meticulous ...

Kimi's First X'mas Pressies
Our lucky baby - his first 3 X'mas presents and he's still happily kicking in my tum tum! One from the girls (Peter Rabbit Song Book), Charmaine (Peter Rabbit Baby Book) and Hb's colleague (Baby Gap Gift Set). Thanks very much everyone! Kimi loves them all and so does mummy!

Above - Pressie from HB's colleague
Below left to right - From Charmaine, from the girls

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!! Keke!

It's my birthday today but Jen & the girls are not back from the Maldives yet. So very sian for me! Guess, good time for me to rest & relax today.

But good thing Hb came back tonight. He say he will bring me dinner tomorrow night ... Am looking forward to having Still Rd Pepper Crabs.

Look at the lovely card Hb got me! Thanks papa!

Mum & Dad also gave me a lovely card and a big fat ang pow - tks mum, dad!

Here's pix to my belated birthday dinner - Shiok!! Such humongous claws and that yummy mee goreng!!! DROOL FOLKS!!! Muhahhaha!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Papa


Hun, it's been 13 long years (today) since we've pledged our love to each other and yet it feels like we've just been married, ya?

Guess, this anniversary marks a very important milestone in our marriage as we wait in anticipation for our baby.
We've enjoyed ourselves all too much these years so next year it's not going to be the same ... diapers, night-feeds, sleepless nights, screaming baby ... the list goes on. Brace ourselves, hun! Haha!! But am sure we'll enjoy the journey ya?

Left - My little gift to my dear Hb - so he can read to Kimi and develop a strong bond with our son. Will give this to Hb when he comes home tomorrow.

Kimi's bed covers!

Went to town today to look at some slow-cookers, last minute toilettries shopping, etc. Also collected these cute and lovely bedsheet sets which Charmaine's MIL has helped me to sew. My fave white set with doggie prints are so disappointing as after washing, it looked so old ... Never mind at least my embroidered one is great!! Thank you Charmaine & your MIL!!

Planning to use the embroidered set for Kimi's first use at home.

Also collected these Scholastic books (what apt name??) from Sherl. Need to inculcate good moral values and reading habit in Kimi asap.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Herbs for Mummy-To-Be

Went with mom to buy some of the herbs which I will need for my confinement. It's been raining the whole day and everywhere we went was so crowded ... we spent most of the time just travelling from one place to another as the traffic was horrendous! Guess it's also the 2nd last weekend before X'mas! Yipee!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Today is 11/12/06 !!! Counting Down to 11/1/07

WOW!!! How time flies and it is almost mid Dec! Another month to 11/1/07 - starting to count down already! Both excited as well as overwhelmed ... a new addition to our family and a whole new world of experiences and responsibilities! Starting to get cold feet!

Beginning to miss eating gingerbread ... let's see if I've still some energy left to bake some ... In the mean time, enjoy and drool over last year's gingerbreadman and house! Keke!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hair-cut, Dim Sum & More Goodies

Finally went for my trim today, actually, no, more like a chopping session as my hair had grown so long and thick!! Actually didn't want to fall into the category where preggies chop their hair off in anticipation of confinement.

But really had no choice, I can't afford to spend more than 30 mins just to dry my hair during confinement! And the heat now is killing me! I feel so light and 'botak' now - feels so good!!

After my cut, met up with the forum mummies for buffet dim-sum at Tea House where we exchanged all of our Bulk Purchases that we had collected for each other. Can you imagine a table of 8 advanced stage preggies attacking all the dim sum? We were an amusing sight!

Look at my bumper harvest today :

(Above - Red, B&W Flash Cards for babies & Carter's Diaper Bag)

(Left - First Things First Cloth Book - cover & inside)

(Left - My Quiet Book Cloth Book - cover & inside - teaches baby how to tie shoelaces, using zip, unbutton, etc)

(Left - On The Farm Sound Cloth Book cover & inside)

(Left - Soft Pillow Book)

(Below - Soft Foam Wall Decor that can glow in the dark and plays music)

(Left - Soft Foam Books)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

X'mas - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

YES!! X'mas, its the most wonderful time of the year! Also part of the lyrics of my fave xmas song, don't you agree?

Told Hb that I want to put up the Xmas decor earlier this year as it makes me happy and help to lift my spirits - of course he never refused anything to make me happy! So yesterday we went to IKEA to buy the live Xmas tree... I LOVE LIVE XMAS TREES!! It gives out this lovely fresh scent and makes your little corner come alive, literally!

So, which do u like best? The day or night setting? It looks even more lovely here at my home! Soon I gotta get some lovely xmas candles to infuse and bring out the Xmas cheer even more - I love the cinnamon-y, frankincense, gingerbread smells! Yum!

Xmas and CNY are both of my favourite times of the year as it is so festive and also a time for family to come together - both festivals make me so happy!

Although today's check-up with Dr Gordon didn't go so well as my BP has gone up again and I have to be back on medication, I have decided that I will keep my spirits up for the sake of our baby. At least, most importantly, he is growing and placenta is still doing well. So, I shall not dwell on unhappy stuff here, enjoy the Xmas tree folks!!

(Left to right) - Day, Night

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Wish List Musical Mobiles!

Just spoke to Julie on Skype and she showed me the 2 musical mobiles that I had asked her to help me buy for Kimi.

These 2 are not only cute but have soothing music of both nature and classical pieces. It's also good for baby's sensory development as it stimulates and enhances their eyes, auditory senses and hand/leg movements.
So happy we managed to get them! Try out their demo on this web-site, it's really cool! I especially love the Rainforest nature sounds. Can't wait for them to get to Singapore so I can lull myself and Kimi to sleep! Keke!

Rainforest™ Peek-a-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile™


Ocean Wonders™ Aquarium

Friday, December 01, 2006

Washing Kimi's Clothes & Packing Hospital Bag

Going into my 33rd week and I've yet to pack my hospital bag - getting 'kan-cheong' already.

Sorted some of Kimi's most essential clothes today for washing ... those that he will need for discharge till 2-3 months old. Also, all mittens, socks, blankies and wraps. The rest I packed them and store in wardrobe till later.

At last, my hospital bag is almost ready ... still got some more stuff to put in like CDs, essence (?), etc... at least the bulk is done - am at peace now! Keke!

(1st left - rompers for home use)
(2nd left - Kimi's pyjamas)

(Bottom) - Hats, mittens, booties & Tops for home-use

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kimi's Going Home Suit

As promised earlier, this is the suit & receiving blanket that we have chosen for Kimi to use when he comes home.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Love Hand Me Downs!

Starting to sort and clean these hand-me-downs, look at all the stuff I've accumulated!

I love hand-me-downs as they are pre-loved and special.

Hand-me-downs from Jen - books, toys, changing tub, some blankies/wraps and my favourite on-loan Peter Rabbit Classic Nursery Rhymes Sound Book :

And then there is this pile of clothes from Charmaine! Wow! Look :-


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