Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taipei & Kimi's First Plane Ride (Part 1)

Attending Wubai's concert in Taipei is a very good excuse for us to bring Kimi for a holiday. We both agreed, we start him off on a short flight and see how it goes. But you wouldn't believe how early I started packing and preparing for the trip - I like to plan ahead and BE PREPARED, as always.

We left for the first flight out of Singapore so that we can arrive noon time in Taipei. We left home at 6 in the morning, it was nice and cool. Alright, not too much talking.. more pix as a pix says a thousand words ya??

23 June 2007 - Singapore

Above(L-R)-6am taxi ride to airport; In Departure Hall of Changi T2, Kimi's awake oradi; Waiting to board plane

(L-R) - Kimi having his milk on board SQ & chewing his new toy!

23 June 2007 - Taipei
Arrived Taipei around noon and hopped onto a bus to Sheraton.

(L-R) - Kimi with Papa on the bus; Kimi back in my arms again!

(L) - Kimi enjoying his 'romp' on the extra large bed!!

After a shower and a little relaxation, we waited for our good friends, Conrad & Sharon (from Taiwan) to pick Kimi. They were going to babysit him while hb & myself will enjoy ourselves at Wubai's concert later.

I wrote out a list of things to do and packed Kimi's bag. In a way I'm glad it's them babysitting Kimi as I know he will be in good hands. But all mums are the same, we just like to worry n worry incessantly! Conrad & Sharon have a 1yr baby so we are confident that they can handle Kimi. Pls look at Part 2 to see Kimi's first little adventure outing without mummy & papa.

Kimi had no qualms and took to Conrad & Sharon immediately! They loved him too cos he's so smiley and cute, they said. After we handed Kimi to them, we went for a quick bite at Mac's before heading to XinZhuang Stadium.

While we were on our way to take the train, me & hb realised that we have not been on our own for so long - instantly we felt like before again, before Kimi came along. We felt so carefree. But, we concluded, we liked having our little peanut around although he can be cranky at times.

(L-R) - Outside concert grounds; Dino's drums

The concert was GREAT and it ended at around 11+. By the time we could get a taxi and pick Kimi, it was close to 1am! Anyway, he didn't sleep till midnight! Goodness! This is the first for Kimi. It felt great when I held my baby in my arms again!

24 June 2007 - Taipei
All of us slept in as we were soooo tired, Kimi included! In fact, ever since we arrived, there was simply no routine, it's a holiday for goodness sake so let's just relax a little and go with the flow. Hahaha!

After we woke, lunch was at Din Tai Feng, our fave haunt. Then we went to Ximen Ding for a short walk. Met up with Conrad, Sharon and their son for a short while before we left for dinner at papa's fave BBQ Buffet joint. It was really shiok!

(L-R) - Ding Tai Feng again!!! YUM!; BBQ Buffet

(L-R) - Conrad & Sharon & their cute little son

25 June 2007 - Taipei

Again we slept in - look how tired both father & son are? We had too many walking abouts & meet-ups. Waiting for the MRT on the way to get my fix again - xiao long bao!!

26 June 2007 - Taipei
Met Marla, who very kindly bought us lunch and you guessed it!! Xiao long bao again! I never tire do I? But this time at a different place which she says is frequented and favoured by Wubai.

(L-R) - Me & Marla; family shot; my little laughing Buddha, Do they look alike? Keke!

After lunch, we walked about abit for some last minute buys before heading back to the hotel to get ready to go to the airport for our flight back to Singapore.

It was a really nice and fun trip. All of us enjoyed ourselves and Kimi was so well-behaved throughout. We promise to bring him for more holidays soon!

Good bye Taiwan, we will be back soon!

(L-R) -At Departure hall in Taipei; Kimi at Winnie the Pooh's Playhouse



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