Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby - Steamed Threadfin Fillet With Red Dates & Tofu

Ang mo or Chinese dish? I call it Fusion! Wakakaka!! As long as it is jam packed with goodies for Kimi, it doesn't matter right?

The use of red dates here is inspired by one of SMH mummies, Aquarius. Deszi's nanny gave her some red dates puree. I had almost forgotten to start Kimi on some red dates! How silly of me cos red dates is not only an excellent taste enhancer, it is especially good for the spleen and stomach. Also good for nourishing blood.

When using red dates, remember to remove the seed so that it will not be heaty. Also, soak red dates for a few minutes till it is soft. This will enhance the beneficial properties as well as make it easier to be cooked.

Verdict : Kimi loves this dish! Try it!

  • 180g threadfin fillet (orh her)
  • 1 hand bunch of spinach (bayam/yin choy - pick out the leaves only)
  • 12 pitted red dates (soaked)
  • 1 -2 tbsp soft tofu
  • 1/2 slice of cheese
  • Dash of pepper & sesame oil
  • Heat up steamer
  • Wash and remove all bones from fish and season with pepper and sesame oil. Set aside
  • Place tofu in a bowl and roughly use a fork or spoon to chop up the tofu. Place the cheese on top and set aside
  • Put red dates & spinach in a small bowl when the red dates are soft from the soaking
  • Once the steamer is ready, place all the bowls into steamer and steam till fish is cooked
  • When all are ready, remove and set aside to cool. Once the red dates are cooled, remove flesh and discard the skin
  • Mash with fork or puree to desired texture

* Suitable for freezing

* Makes 10 baby cubes



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