Wednesday, June 04, 2008

3 Peas In A Pod

It was so hot and humid today when we went for our morning walk at the gardens. Nevertheless the kids, Kimi, Tong & Estelle enjoyed themselves... well at least till they became hot & cranky. Correction, I meant Kimi.

Again, I only took 3 miserly pix.. the rest courtesy of Cath & Serene.
3 Cuties dancing? So cute!

The boys just love to run! My cute Lion, roaring as ever!

Really not easy to take pix for kids - 3 at the same time? Impossible!

I love Kimi's curls in this pix
Running and just so happy laughing! My Cheeky Monkey!

Tong stopped in his tracks cos Cath asked him too. How sweet! Kimi will run further and faster if I asked him to stop! Look at the lovely wide space for them to run. Can you spot Serence & Estelle in the background?



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