Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clowning Around @ 19 months

Kimi is 19 months and he can be such a cheeky monkey!

In fact, he has learnt to flirt and can even wink (more like blink) his eyes at people in the lift, etc. Recently, he has also been pulling Hb's and my face together to get us to kiss each other.

And just the other day, when he woke in the morning, he stood up to look for me to make his milk. I pretended to be asleep and he said to himself, "ohhh..." and promptly laid down in his cot and played on his own. To me it was as if he said, "ohhh, mummy's asleep so don't disturb her.. I will play on my own first".

So sweet right? I was so touched that I got up and asked if he wanted milk. He was so happy and so was I!

Even though Kimi is not rambling, speaking or singing as much as some of his peers, he surprises us with almost a new word each day and actions we cannot imagine he knew. Where had he picked all these up? He is also keen on phonic sounds and offers you the sounds when he sees certain alphabets like "A, C, K, H, S, etc".

We were playing ball today by throwing and tossing balls to each other. I happened to hang on to the ball a few seconds longer than I nornally would as something on the telly caught my eye and guess what? Kimi urged me loudly saying, "Throw, throw, throw!" Don't kids, er, I mean babies have any ounce of patience these days? On the hindsight, I was surprised he actually had some sense of urgency and I like that!

Kimi is getting more deft with holding pens, crayons, markers, etc. Drawing in circles now instead of just angular lines. We are also doing about 150-200 flash cards each day and Kimi still signs for more.

At 19 months, Kimi is now 12kg, a far cry from his birth weight of 3.405kg . I strongly believe we are good partners and I try my best to give him a wholesome and holistic upbringing. Besides ensuring he has good meals, I supplement Kimi with Nordic Naturals' DHA Oils, Cordycep and Lecithin. He has been sick only thrice since birth.

And ever since I took the stickers Kimi got from school and pasted them on my nose, he wants to be my clown now.

He even had stickers on his nose when we went for our evening walk. He was just nonchalant to all those curious and amused passer-bys' stares! Haha!

Life with Kimi is getting more fun now and I love my baby so much!



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