Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids Biennale 2008

There is no school today for Kimi so brought him to the Kids Biennale. Hope he will appreciate art, never too young to start right?

Really, I love children art just so because they are imperfectly perfect! I still have some cards which Claire and Sarah made for me when they were in kindergarten! I know, I know.. am such a hoarder! But cards are really very sentimental to me ... I love them better than the presents itself and even more so it they are handmade, so precious!

Anyway, asked Serene and Estelle along for a little fun!
Wow, mum! Look at the lovely art pieces drawn by so many gor gors and jie jies!
Turtle! My current favourite sea creature
And ... parrots too! They are colourful and pretty!
Such colourful little men - let me touch and feel what it is likeWhat many many cute faces ... are they real? Let me grab one out ...
Estelle : Kimi, my mummy said "see only, no touch ok?"
Self-explanatory - the kids' favourite room
Mummy, shall I draw you a picture?
Let me use 2 hands so you will have a 'colourful' picture ok?
More doodling area - the 2 cute kiddos
I am so tickled!
Hmm, look how I am in full concentration? I want to draw many many colouful circles at the same time with 2 hands! So, mum, is this considered as multi-tasking too?
After 1 month of not feeding well (more like not feeding), look how much thinner Kimi has became
Watering can!! I like! Let me water the flowers first.
Come Estelle, let me show you how to water these flowers
Well done, Estelle! You are a fast learner!
Before going, I must feel and squeeze the sand .. yucky!



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