Monday, October 13, 2008

Letter B

This week we learned more about the Letter B. I've chosen Bears as 1 of the themed animals in this week's learning.

All of the books we read this week were on Bears and I also created a bear wheel depicting the 8 main types of bears. I've included the list of books that we read below.

We start each learning day with reading 2 or 3 storybooks. Then we got down to do some sensorial fun and this time, I introduced the different kinds of beans to Kimi. After that, we did a craft with it and use the leftovers for some fine motor skills game.

Estelle also came to join us during one of the days and I believed the kids played more than 'study'! Keke! But well, kids DO learn thru play don't they?

Basically, this week was everything about the letter B and we pointed out all things that began with the B to Kimi. Even hubby joined in.

We also learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly all thanks (many many tons!) to Shirley (Jireh's mummy, who has done such a FAB job in nurturing and educating Jireh. Jireh is not only such a sweet sweet little boy, but he is an amazingly bright little tot!) who introduced the life-cycle playsets to us.

Well, am happy to say that Kimi is well aware of Bears, the letter B, beans and the colour blue.

Reading List
  1. Baby Bear, Baby Bear What Do you See - Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle
  2. Touch The Sky, My Little Bear - David Bedford/Jane Chapman
  3. Babies - David Bedford/ Leonie Worthington
  4. Just Like You - Emma Dodd
  5. Best Bear - Emma Dodd
  6. Cuddle - Beth Shoshan/Jacqueline East
Touching and feeling the various beans and later pasting them on the butterfly line-drawing. Interesting but can be quite a messy craft...
Learning to pour (transfer) the beans from 1 cup to another. Kimi managed to do this with minimal spillage after a few tries, but ...
his favourite is still to pour all the beans on the table! I was almost 'faint' from all those picking of small beans! haha!
Cheeky, cheating little bugger! Putting both the cups together to catch the beans!
Then we played some matching games which Kimi got all correct.
Followed by ESP game and Kimi, too got it all correct. Look at his contented face when he managed t0 get the horse card.
To end off our lessons, we have PLAYTIME! And today it is BALLOONS, Blue of course and throw in another for differentiation. Kimi loves this part the best! Haha!
Kimi pointing pointing out the blue balloon to me ...
and then the Orange one. Yay! He learnt 2 colours today!
Our completed Butterfly craft. Made from Black beans, red beans, green beans, brown beans and Black-eyed beans
2nd day of learning fun, Estelle joined us. Here, both tots are hard at work.. learning (tracing) the letter B as well as trying out 1st writing. First writing recommends writing in horizontal and vertical lines instead of tracing the letter from A to Z. After that, they just attacked the paper! haha! Lovely scribbles!
Look how sweet Estelle is posing with her completed Bear craft !
The completed project - look at Kimi's bear...1 missing eye! keke!


Lazyg3r said...

Do you buy all the books from the reading list you listed? Or you loan from the library?

tona-mama said...

Ju - The books are borrowed from library and some are personal ones. :)

Lazyg3r said...

whenever i go to the library, i see stars... so many books, and dunno which ones to borrow.. haha


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