Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jesus, Our Saviour!

Today marks a very special day for our family. It's a day that a few close family/frens who have been praying for the longest time, been waiting for.

Today, we decided as a family, will receive Jesus' Salvation and commit to the Lord!

Many will be shocked and ask 'why'. Well, the answer is simple. We seek God when we are at the lowest point in our lives and, really, it has been the toughest 2 years for me since I gave birth to Kimi. He is REALLY not an easy child (those who are closest to me knows what I go thru everyday. But, I've always maintained that I want this blog to record happy stuff so I do not want to smear it with my 'complaints'! Haha!). I needed a pillar of strength and I guess it was TIME, my calling.

The 1st time when I stepped into Church, strangely, I felt myself saying, "I'm finally Home"! And the tears just poured as the songs of God were sung and played.

I love our new decision. I can feel God's love and it is really the best thing to happen to our family. Allow me to share this,

The LORD is my shepherd;
I have everything I need.
He lets me rest in green pastures.
He leads me to calm water.
He gives me new strength.
He leads me on paths that are right
for the good of his name.
Psalm 23:1-3


Anonymous said...

Very happy for u and ur family as i read this blog entry. Indeed, know Jesus know peace. No Jesus, no peace. Continue to seek the Lord, my sister-in-Christ and be showered by His love for u. =)


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