Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kimi Speaks ...

1) Situation 1 - Sunday morning on way to church
Me & hb : Kimi, come let's wear your watch. Wear on your left hand alright? See, papa and mama also wear on the left hand. Left hand is the correct side and it's nice, ok?

Kimi : NO, I wear right hand.

Me & hb : :O (speechless)

2) Situation 2 - Sunday night, bedtime
Me : Mama carry Kimi to sleep ok?

Kimi : No, Kimi sleep bed.

Me : Ok, good boy.

(After 10 mins, still playing, rolling in his cot and even laying half body in his cot and head on my bed, wanting to watch MY tv prog)

Me : Kimi, if you don sleep, mama will carry you.

Kimi : NO, no carry.

(Kimi still refuses to budge and has his head on my bed)

Me : Kimi, mama want you to put your head on your pillow and close your eyes and sleep. (Kimi ignores). Kimi, mama going to count 1 to 3 and if you don lie on your pillow, mama is going to carry you. (I start to count) 1-2 ...

Kimi : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ....

Me : :O (don know to laugh, cry or get angry)

3) Situation 3 - Today before bedtime shower
Kimi : I want watch Wu Bai

Me : Ok, but only for 15mins cos Kimi had gym today so you are tired. We have to shower early and rest. Ok? Understand mama? Ok?

Kimi : Ok

(I put on Wu Bai's concert dvd and of cos I, too, enjoyed WB's music and started to sing and get all excited and egged Kimi to dance too. I continued singing to WB's song. Suddenly, Kimi turned and said matter-of-factly ...)

Kimi : Mama, keep quiet (Kimi then continues to watch WB intently, swaying to the beat).

Me : :O

I must have sang badly! Wuhaha!

Enzo Boy

Our pix with Enzo before we sent him to Brother Charlie's place - oh dear, look at my swollen eyes!

Remember, some time back I said I was very troubled about a decision? But was not ready to share cos my emotions were all over the place?

Well, I feel more at peace now although frankly, I don't think I can be FULLY at peace. Of course, I've learnt to let go more now.

Due to some circumstances, we had to let our Golden Retriever go. Enzo has been with us since he was 12 weeks old and he will turn 6 years old in May. So, can you imagine the heartache that I have to go through? The decision is not mine but I know it's been made for the best.

Kimi and myself are always suffering during the end and early quarter of the year where Enzo sheds the most. It's also not helping with the fluctuations of temperature/weather during this period.

This year, my sinus had been the worst. I hadn't been able to taste food for more than 2 months. Hb was concerned that it will worsen my asthma. Kimi was also constantly allergic to the home envirnonment and hb didn't want it to develop into asthma.


Of cos, hb feels I've been overworked taking care of such a large dog and a rambunctious kid. And Enzo is also not getting the best of attention, naturally.

To cut a long story short, my heart still bleeds for Enzo who has brought us tremendous joy before we had Kimi. To me, I felt I have let him down ENTIRELY! I did not fulfil my promise to him to take care of him till the end. Even, Kimi was asking for Enzo the first few mornings when he woke. Saying sadly, "Enzo go!"

Heartache beyond words.

The week after Enzo left, I was like a zombie... just no mood to do anything around the house. Everytime I prepared dinner, I thought of him cos he's always waiting there patiently for some food to drop. Everywhere I went, reminded me of him. I even automatically, tie up a plastic bag and threw on the dining table, ready to be brought outside for Enzo's poo. But the moment I flicked the bag, my heart dropped and I told myself, I don't need to do that anymore ...

But I know the Lord is GREAT! HE has Godly plans. HE helped us find a very, very nice couple to adopt Enzo. Brother Charlie and his wife, Sister Christy are church friends and they love Enzo as much as us. What surprises me more is that Sister Christy has the SAME practice/beliefs re feeding/cooking for the dogs (they have 2 shihtzus).

We are so blessed that Enzo is in GREAT hands and we can visit him anytime. This is my comfort. I cannot thank GOD enough for finding such good people to adopt Enzo. GOD is good all the time, He knows our needs, He plans for us, comforts us and loves us.

I was so surprised at my calmness when I brought Enzo to Brother Charlie's place on 8 Feb 2009 while explaining all the feeding and intricacies of Enzo. I thought I would be a nervous wreck. I'm sure I would have been if GOD had not held my hand that day.

My heart still aches but seeing him soooo loved by his new family and Enzo being so adjusted and happy, that's what really matters ultimately! And although I once told my hb this,

1 broken promise, 2 heartaches, 3 changed lives

After these few weeks, I can now look at this more positively,

1 happy dog, 2 new friends, 3 changed lives

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bento #34 - Elephants

Elephant cut out from steamed cake and decorated with nori, rose apples & yogurt

We have been going to the zoo the past week and seeing elephants, elephants cos that's what Kimi wanted to see only.

So, there, that's my inspiration for today's breakfast. Kimi has not been eating well the past few weeks and hb has said maybe I should stop bento-ing and maybe Kimi just liked his food 'un-cutesy'. I don't know. I'm in a dilemma now. Should I continue or stop or resume when he is older?

Frankly, I really enjoy making bentos for him and he always exclaims happily when he sees them but .... that doesn't mean he will FINISH them.

Well, let me think and pray about it. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009


These days Kimi is getting more and more demanding. Not sure cos I 'pamper' him too much or...?

Recently, I bought some really sweet & crunchy grapes that need no peeling of the skin cos eating with the skin on is not bitter nor leaves an awful aftertaste. So, I told hb let's not peel the grapes and offer it wholesale to Kimi. This was how the conversation went :-

Me to hb : Papa, no need to peel the grapes, just give it to him like that. (think Kimi heard our conversation)

Me & hb : Kimi, come have some grapes. Very nice, sweet sweet. Come, come try.

Kimi walked over, looked at the grapes and screamed : NOOOO! (pause a few sec) P-E-E-E-E-E-E-L !!!

Me & hb : *faint!* (burst out laughing cos never expected he could be so deamnding and even knew what PEEL was!)

Bento #33 - Totoro

Totoro peanut butter sandwich using wholemeal bread and cheese & nori for cute details, 1 small banana, rose-apples & mangosteen

I used to like Totoro and his cute little buddies when I first saw them on an ex-colleagues table, so cute right? Saw this at Anna the red's bento factory and decided to give it a try. Hope Kimi likes it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bento #32 - Simply Brekkie

Chicken cocktail wierners, apples and yogurt
Actually don't know what to call this bento since there isn't any theme or speciality to it but rather simple. So, I just called it simply brekkie. I used elephants to brighten it up as Kimi was going on and on about elephants after yesterday's trip to the zoo.

Kimi's teacher asked me to make a light breakfast for him as they are having cookery lesson today and are making Oats Porridge. She said they will get to eat them. Knowing my son only too well (he has refused oats for a while now), I decided to make something simple but filling.

Post update - True enough, Kimi only had 1 spoon of his masterpiece!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Out With Papa @ Zoo!

Yesterday, Kimi refused to go to school (yes, again!) and we had to 'barter' with him. That is, if he went to school, the next day, we would let him stay home (of cos can't tell him we plan to bring him to the zoo cos he will remember & if we didn't, he would kick up a big fuss! Yes, even at 2, he remembers and knows!).

To the zoo we went to make good of our promise to our little Emperor. He had loads of fun and so did we. We came home all sun-burnt. :( Luckily Kimi wore the long sleeves wet suit and had sunblock.
A shot with papa at entrance of Rainforest Kidz World
Walking happily on his own
A cute pair that greeted us at the water-play area
Priceless expression!
A tender moment of father & son
Trying out the water-slide
Kimi is so fascintated by this rope where the bucket of water will pour on you when you tug at it
My brave boy, running thru the water-jets!
Going down the spiral slide with papa
Kimi loves it - hmm, seems papa enjoying it more? haha!
The large bucket that pours a 'ton' of water. ALL the kids love it. Kimi is scared yet wants to experience it - see papa holding his precious so tightly?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kimi's New Big Boy Bike

We bought a new bike for Kimi today cos he enjoys riding on Wayne's bike. So, we thought it was time to 'upgrade' since he could cycle. But, even the smallest seems a tad too high and he can't really reach the paddles. Think, he should be able to in a couple of months.

In the mean time, it's hb who is pushing him around. :)

Bento #31 - Anpanman

Butter roll with shaved honey baked ham filling, banana, plum, strawberries and grapes

I bought an Anpanman pants for Kimi when he was smaller but only started wearing them recently. He likes this cute character with its puffy cheeks!

As this bun is a little big, most of my tools for cutting the nori can't achieve the oval shaped eyes and long, crescent shaped eyebrows & smile. This is what I made do with. Also, too lazy to steam some carrots for an orangey cheeks so I used the darker cheese for ease and speed.

Post update - Kimi really not well cos he only ate the banana...ignoring all his favourite fruits ... :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bento #30 - Sausage & Car Lunch

Steamed broccoli, baby corn, pumpkin & carrot (cut in car shape), mini chicken sausages and panfry prata

Kimi's lunch with his current favourite - baby corn. But, he only had the mini sausages and half of the corn. Leaving all the rest untouched!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunday With Wayne

We had dinner with our neighbours, Claire & Sidney and their cute son, Wayne last Sunday (15/3/09). They had just gotten Wayne a new bike and he can't wait to try it out. So, we went to eat at the food court near Buangkok MRT where we could dine outside and the boys can cycle as we eat.

The weather was cool and the boys enjoyed themselves so much! Now, Kimi don't want his tri-cycle anymore. :(
Wayne giving Kimi a lift

Look! How cute! 1 small cutie giving another a lift! Weeeeeee! And away they go!

Kimi trying Wayne's bike - look how he barely reach the paddles?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

School Excursion - Kids Kampong

Today is Kimi's first school excursion and of cos I mus tag along right? I can't let Kimi go alone with the teachers. Nope, period.

It was such a dash for me but with God's grace and paving the way for me, I made it back to school just 4 mins late and they were about to move off. Phew!

Kimi enjoyed the 'longkang fishing' the most. In fact, he enjoyed all the stations. Hmm, it's been a while since I last brought him for such activities. I miss those parks and farms chasing days! Perhaps I should start again?

Now, that Kimi is in school, it gives me a breather but I, too miss those days where I had to plan daily trips and outings. It seemed so stressful then but Kimi enjoyed those as much as I did. Those are indeed precious times with our little ones. How fast they grow! It seems time is so short these days compared to when they had no school!
Strapped in and ready to move off
Look how intently Kimi is paying attention to the guy who was telling them how to 'longkang' fish
Always ready to start IMMEDIATELY!
Trying his hand at it
And try, and try... really not easy even for an adult like me
Had to help Kimi catch a few fishes and this is what I caught only to have Kimi pour everything back in 10mins! But, they still pack some fishes for you to bring home - now am stuck with fishes, anyone wants?
Kimi feeding the ever-ready & hungry kois
Listening intently to the uncle telling them about mice
Here, these were what the uncle was showing
Every child gets to hold on. Kimi was later, so afraid! First time he has some fear!
Ahhhh .... LUNCH!

Bento #29 - Kampong Lunch

Cherry apple, chix sausage fried rice, topped with salmon fishes

After I dropped Kimi off at school for brekkie, I raced home to cook and pack his lunch for the excursion. What a race!

In the end, the teachers brought some nice finger foods so I let Kimi eat that while this was saved for dinner. :)

Bento #28 - Kids Kampong

Animals Kimi will meet later - bunny, chicken and fish. All made from cheese, ham and crab stick for fish, nori for facial cut-out and carrot for chicken's beak (this character not too alike as my skills not there yet, must try again!:). All cute details sitting on raisin french toast, chiku cut in blossom, shape, strawberries & kiwi-berries

Today is Kimi's first excursion and the school is bringing them to Kids Kampong at Pasir Ris. Remember, when I brought Kimi and Estelle there last year? I got a shock when I looked back at the pix cos they have grown soooo much!!!

Two days before, I have been telling and reminding Kimi of this place, so this breakfast bento is a 'warm-up' for him to anticipate what he will be seeing later!

Tools I used :-
  • Various cutters
  • Carl cutters
  • Shoe cutter
  • Fish & blossom veg cutter from Daiso
I used the red cutter for the bunny's face as the yellow one a bit big, then I used the yellow one to cut out the ham part for the bunny's ears (trimming some away as too big) and then the oval from the green cutter for the chick's beak. Oops, I left out a square cutter from Daiso for the french toast! Keke!

Various nori punchers to get facial details. I used the mouth from the pink cutter for the chick's feet and crown. Dog print punch for bunny's eyes, straw for bunny nose area, the oval shape is for the chick's body. I like using various straw sizes cos just need a small section and can throw away after using - lazy me! Wuhaha!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kimi Can Read?

Today I had a pleasant shock. Shocked cos Kimi simply rattled on the title card of 1 set of the flashcards I was about to use.

I couldn't believe my ears and asked him to repeat and he said it loud and clear, "OWLS!". WOW!! I was wondering if Kimi could read. Then I thought, could it be just association and I realised this set of cards had no pix on the title card except OWLS in red.

I scrambled and took another set with DOGS and asked him and he said it loud and clear - DOGS. Then I took another which was Types of Berries, covered all the pix and pointed to berries and he responded, "BERRIES".

Took yet another set of plain title card for Air Transportation and proded Kimi. He looked at it a little while (this set is new and have been flashed only once) and said, Air ... Airplane. But of course, he can't prounce transportation and probably associated with the 1st card which was an airplane?

I was soooo happy I cried cos I was just so caught off-guard. I have been inputing and inputing and never really expected any output from him so this really blew me away!

Immediately I thanked and glorified God for his favour upon Kimi, for blessing Kimi with such wisdom and having such a teachable spirit! Praise The Lord!

Bento #27 - Flower & Butterfly

Cherry apple cut in blossom shape and inserted with another papaya blossom cut-out. Then interchange both for constrasts. Kiwi-berries for stems and kueh bahlu with a ham butterfly cut-out.

After a long break, need a simple bento to kick-start my engine! Keke! Here's a simple & fast one with lots of fruits for Kimi. Saw these really fresh Kueh Bahlu at a bakery yesterday and bought for Kimi as he likes them!

Tools I used today :-
  • Blossom nested cutter from Wilton (from my baking days!)
  • Butterfly & blossom veg cutter from Daiso
  • Straw (for butterfly's tiny holes-from Mac's)

Tip - If you are using a nested cutter, skip 1 cutter for best results, eg if using size no.1, then use no.3 for the larger cut so that there is a good contrast. Do not use the next size up, meaning size 1 & 2 as that will mean cuttiing the object too close

Monday, March 16, 2009

PG Newsletter Mar Wk 1 & Feb Wk4

Eye candy - cuties!

Pls DO NOT be confused - Yes, there is another boy in Kimi's class that has the almost same hair-style as Kimi. Cute little Jared who is half-Japanese. To differentiate? Look out for the golden brown hair and fairer complexion
Kimi smiling happily (rather small here) during cookery lesson where he cuts the bread with a cookie cutter

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick :(

I'm down and out. Will be back soon. :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bento #26 - Kimi

Papaya and rock melon cut out in blossom shapes and kiwi-berries, chocolate bun.
Got up feeling not too good this morning so decided to make a really simple and fast bento. Just fruits and Kimi's name in cheese cut-out.

From Cot To Bed

This is a back-dated post. We decided to convert Kimi's (on 26/2/09) cot to bed cos he has been climbing in and out of it and it was just too dangerous as the cot has wheels. So, finally, we decided to just do it, hoping that Kimi will like his new bed.

And, he LOVES it! That night, Kimi asked to sleep on his own in his 'new' bed and have been doing so, tugging his bible, Mickey and cloth tightly under his arms and surrounding himself with all his favourite things! My baby is a big boy now!
Previously, I have blogged about how Kimi sleeps on his own, he can and will do so but I just so enjoy carrying him and letting him fall asleep in my arms that I have abandoned that. :O

Kimi has also been most obliging and never refuses. But, this time, with his new bed, he refuses and insists on sleeping on his own in his bed. Kimi will constantly say, "Kimi sleep bed". Ok, ok, mummy gets the drift .... night night & rest well darling!

See? So happy!

Kimi having a nice, goooooood s-t-r-e-t-c-h-h-h-!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I Miss You!

Happy Boy! Kimi playing with Serene's cap!

Today, Charmaine and I continued with our girl's day out after lunch as hb made his way home. We stayed till almost dinner time so hb picked Kimi and fed him dinner.

According to hb, he was asking for me in school, in the car and upon reaching home, ran into the bedroom to look for me, calling out "ma-ma, ma-ma". So, hb told him that I was taking the train home and he settled down after that.

When I reached home, he gave me this beaming big smile and called out "ma-ma"! My heart almost burst out with happiness. After throwing my shopping bags on the dining table, I made my way quickly to the loo and Kimi ran looking for me after 2 mins and gave me a big hug and said, "I miss you!" I was stunned beyond words. Not just by his vocab but also by his swwetness! My heart felt sooo warm literally. This is the best day for me in months, years? Thank you, Lord! And I know Lord, You have more good things planned for us in the coming future!

Bento #25 - Froggies Symphony

Pandan Chiffon cake cut into froggy shapes and decorated with cheese & nori, mangosteen & kiwi berries (sweet!)

Kimi was asking for the Pandan Chiffon cake even after dinner last night at "Lao-yee's" (hb's aunty) place.

So, I decided to buy that for him for breakfast instead. Took the opportunity of playing with the green colour to give him a 'brood' of frogs. He squealed with delight this morning when he saw me snapping the pix for this bento.

p/s - I used a bear shaped mould to cut out this froggy and then a bubble tea straw for its eyes, followed by different nori shapes for eyes.

Some readers have asked if I could also show the tools I've used for each bento. Alright, I will try cos definitely no time in the mornings to snap. Will try ya? :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

PJ Night - Milk & Cookies By Act 3

It was a pyjamas night by Act 3. Kids go in their PJs hugging teddy bears and lugging blankets and all. It was a cute concecpt but REALLY did not like the idea of moving from 1 location to another. All in all, we moved 4 times!

Guess it was to keep the kids' attention in tact and to make it 'different'. But, we have kids that are 2 and I'd rather stay in the same place or at least just move once.

Despite moving like gypsies, to keep the spirit and excitement high, the play itself was 'passable' only. In fact, I was rather disappointed. The last area was by the lawn where packets of milk and cookies were given out to the kids!
The last performance by the lawn where this guy had a puppet possum and an imaginary flea that performed in a circus! Kimi having his first taste of packet milk - he did not finish and didn't really like it
Kimi holding Estelle's hands! See even Serene was 'kan cheong' to snap a pix of them together!
I asked Kimi to hold Desiree's hands but she was shy!
These loving sweeties!


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