Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Out With Papa @ Zoo!

Yesterday, Kimi refused to go to school (yes, again!) and we had to 'barter' with him. That is, if he went to school, the next day, we would let him stay home (of cos can't tell him we plan to bring him to the zoo cos he will remember & if we didn't, he would kick up a big fuss! Yes, even at 2, he remembers and knows!).

To the zoo we went to make good of our promise to our little Emperor. He had loads of fun and so did we. We came home all sun-burnt. :( Luckily Kimi wore the long sleeves wet suit and had sunblock.
A shot with papa at entrance of Rainforest Kidz World
Walking happily on his own
A cute pair that greeted us at the water-play area
Priceless expression!
A tender moment of father & son
Trying out the water-slide
Kimi is so fascintated by this rope where the bucket of water will pour on you when you tug at it
My brave boy, running thru the water-jets!
Going down the spiral slide with papa
Kimi loves it - hmm, seems papa enjoying it more? haha!
The large bucket that pours a 'ton' of water. ALL the kids love it. Kimi is scared yet wants to experience it - see papa holding his precious so tightly?


Ellena said...

This place is sure fun for both kids and adult. Last mth when we bought Rey there he was also thrill with that big bucket of water hahaha... :p

Elaina said...

Hi, I just happened to find your blog through another blog. Kimi is very adorable!! I have a son too and he is about a year older than Kimi. I love his shoes, are those crocs? I've been trying to find shoes like that for my son but most shoes I see have the thing that goes between the big toe and second toe and my son refuses to wear them.

tona-mama said...

Ellena - ya, kids love water-play, me too! :) Aiyo, til today, Kimi still talking abt the elephant and the bucket of water, *faint!* Haha!

tona-mama said...

Hi Elaina, welcome to our blog! Tks for the compliment!

Yes, those are crocs. They are called scutes. I like them cos it's fuss free, easy to wash/dry and non-slippery. Good for running toddlers! :)

Do you have a blog to share too? Hope to see you more often here! :)

little prince's mummy said...

Such a lovely outings!


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