Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Cot To Bed

This is a back-dated post. We decided to convert Kimi's (on 26/2/09) cot to bed cos he has been climbing in and out of it and it was just too dangerous as the cot has wheels. So, finally, we decided to just do it, hoping that Kimi will like his new bed.

And, he LOVES it! That night, Kimi asked to sleep on his own in his 'new' bed and have been doing so, tugging his bible, Mickey and cloth tightly under his arms and surrounding himself with all his favourite things! My baby is a big boy now!
Previously, I have blogged about how Kimi sleeps on his own, he can and will do so but I just so enjoy carrying him and letting him fall asleep in my arms that I have abandoned that. :O

Kimi has also been most obliging and never refuses. But, this time, with his new bed, he refuses and insists on sleeping on his own in his bed. Kimi will constantly say, "Kimi sleep bed". Ok, ok, mummy gets the drift .... night night & rest well darling!

See? So happy!

Kimi having a nice, goooooood s-t-r-e-t-c-h-h-h-!



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