Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bento #36 - 3 Little Pigs

Yogurt, 3 slices of vanilla wafer, mini custard buns decorated with pigs cut out from ham & decorated with nori and a drop of ketchup (for their rosy cheeks)

Last week, Kimi's school shared the story of The 3 Little Pigs and my little man has been huffing & puffing the whole week - so cute!

So here's the inspiration for today's breakfast.


Cuisine Paradise said...

AIyo.. ya loh.. rey's school also teaching the same story and the past two weeks he had being huffing and puffing telling me the story over and over again... *faint*.........

And I must praise that your 3 little pigs are very well done leh... :p So how? Sis, are u joing the bento contest in Java's blog?

javapot said...

love the cute pigs...noticed that each pig entitled to a bun, wafer and strawberry each (no fighting!) - ha ha.

no need to think...just join OK :) Lolz

tona-mama said...

Ellena - Tks!! Hey, so coincidental hor?? Wa, java's contest I kept thinking & thinking but no idea leh... think hv to skip ba..I missed the other contest tho... congrats you won too!! ;)

Javapot - Keke!! Ya, no need to fight.. U r so SHARP!!

Hey, ur contest v difficult lah.. me not so creative - been thinking but still no idea leh..


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