Sunday, September 06, 2009

Geoboard Fun

I'd never expect to be away from blogging for so long, Wow!

Lots of things had and are happening and we've been really busy now that Kimi staying at home. I'll talk about that in the next posts (I've got so many to back-date!).

We've also just returned from a nice holiday and I'll share that when we are more settled.

I just did this today and Kimi enjoys it! I found this great idea from here. It is not only easy to make (I spent about 20 mins, including drawing out the grid) and cheap too.

This is great for road trips or for whatever distractions you need to throw at them. I've made mine with a white background cos I like things that look 'cleaner'.

Besides learning shapes, I was thinking about making scenes/pictures like a house, tree, sun, etc. Anything. There's quite a bit you can do with this.

I'd recommend that you get those hair bands without any metal connectors so it won't snap and hurt little fingers. I'm going to change mine.

I got all my stuff from Daiso (It's now just next to my home! Yay!). If you like the dark contrast, you can get the black wall coverings. The clear push-pins were out of stock so I just used the colourful ones.

So, you keen to get started? Here's what you need:-

  • 1 board
  • Some push pins
  • Covering with adhesive
  • Ruler, pencil and plain paper or graph paper
  • A small hammer
  • Some hair bands


  1. I bought the board that has a bevelled edge and ready for making signs so I don't need to sand and all.
  2. Then I drew up my grid. I used a 5cm x 5cm spacing (you can use bigger or smaller).
  3. After which I cut the wall paper to fit the board and stick on it.
  4. With the grid on top of the pasted on wallpaper, I used the push pin to make a hole-marking.
  5. After all the markings been done, I remove the grid and hammer in the push pins.
  6. Once that is done, your geoboard is ready!
Board, wall coverings with self-adhesive backing, push pins and hair bands (these were the only ones left). I got everything from Daiso.
Little helper busy with hammering. You can let your little one help you but pls be very careful. This is good for hand/eye co-ordination.
The completed geoboard
Making shapes!
Kimi busy playing. He told papa that he was making a hexagon! Haha!
Kimi giving a thumbs up to his new home-made toy! Yay!


javapot said...

great craft idea.

Lil Smurfy said...

ehh where do u stay? me at sengkang blk 157


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