Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Friday Dates - Boys @ Prive

Most Fridays, Charmaine and ourselves (when the hb is out of town) will meet and we will have dinner and let the boys run amok. More often than not, we head to T3 - lots of space there for them to run! :)

Fridays are precious as the boys can catch up while the mummies can gossip, grumble and spend girly time together. I love Fridays! Cos we can just pig out! Haha!

I hope that Kimi and Ju will grow up to be best friends and be as close as now. :)
The boys at Ikea - I was there to pick up my side-table as I had forgotten to buy it the day before! Kimi having ice-cream and Julian, a hot-dog.
Instead of just hanging out at Ikea, we decided to drive ALL the way to Prive to let the boys catch some beautiful night lights, boats and yummy desserts! The boys in the lift which wafted of aroma oil blends of Ylang ylang, vanilla and strawberry - delicious!


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