Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I remembered how there was a period last year that I would stock up on dummies cos Kimi was biting them and somedays he will chew up 2 dummies.  I tolerated and continued to buy cos I reckon it's another passing phase.

It did not for some months but it did slow down, each dummy could last about a week.  Then as my stocks started running low, I constantly reminded Kimi that I will not buy more when the current stash runs out.  He readily and gamely agreed.

I've always maintained the phrase. "when they are ready, they will be ready".  And I believe the same for dummy too. I wasn't particulary concerned as Kimi only used the dummy during bed time.  I even said he could use it till he is 20 if he is not shy! Haha! 

Then, he stopped school and was spending more and more time at home and started relying on it so often. I also noticed his teeth getting more prodruding.  That's when I decided he has to stop.  Somedays, he will say he won't need the dummy and then in the middle of the night or early in the morning, he will be asking for it.

Then hb challenged him a few times.  Same thing.  Finally, on 7 March 2010, he told hb that he is a big boy and don't need the dummy anymore.  Kimi took it and threw it into the bin.  I knew only too well.  I picked it up, washed it well and hid it.

True enough, the next few days, he kept asking and even on a few occasions demanded for a dummy.  I reminded him how he threw it away and there weren't anymore and he has to be responsible for his actions.  And I did not ask or force him to throw it away.  He WANTED to throw it himself.

Kimi understood and hugged his cloth.  I felt very bad but I told myself, I have to stand by what I said.  We are so proud of Kimi cos he did not really throw tantrums or fussed for his dummy.  Everytime he wanted to get into 1, we would remind him and he will settle down quickly.

Within 4-5days, he did not mention about his dummy and we were certain he has outgrown it.  Kimi has been dummy-free ever since and we are so so proud he could practice self-control and was mature enough to be conscious and be responsible for his actions.

Most of all, we are so glad that it was such a breeze to wean him.  I thought it would be a nightmare as he was rather reliant on it in the last few months.

Still, we want to give Thanks and Praise to our Abba Father who constantly holds our hands and guides us in the right path.  Because He loves us so much, He will always want to ensure that we lead a blessed life. 

Many times, we forget and don't realise we sail through all these small challenges easily.  But when we stop to think and take stock, we would realise how everything falls in place easily for us.  And that is beacause we are the blessed children of the Almighty God! Amen!



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