Monday, March 01, 2010

First Skate Attempt

I think Kimi has a natural flair. :) Within a few seconds of putting on the skates, he was swinging his hands and moving his legs.

I've set it on Stage 1 which locks 1 wheel so he can walk in it. After a few tries at home, he asked to go downstairs. While downstaird, Kimi was a little frustrated maybe cos he can't move with the skates. He then complained it was very difficult and heavy.

So, I changed the skates to Stage 2 where the adjustment wheel rolls forward but not back. And again, he was still able to balance. I think with more, more and more practice, he will be able to do this with confidence! :)

** Sorry, pix are blurred and I don't know what happened to the video - it became upside down :(



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