Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Happy Day

All these onions and squid are from the chilli sauce.  It is very spicy but maybe cos I'm not a chilli expert.  This sauce will go well with glass noodles too or as a dip for steamboat.

Yay! It's the start of a week long of holidays and I am so happy to have Kimi home with me the whole day!  We can do so much and have loads of fun together.  I really miss those lazy days when he was not in school where some days, we just laze at home and take things easy.  Or those days where it is jam-packed with activities and outings.

If I had it my way, I would keep him at home.  But, Kimi, being an only child needs friends and learn to socialise.  Unfortunately he does not have many playmates so school is the best option for the moment.

We started the week by having papa bring Kimi to the zoo yesterday morning while I rested a little at home as I was feeling a little unwell.

All Glory to Jesus, this morning, I am well and whole again! :)

Today, my plan was just to grab some groceries at Giant and proceed to other plans for the day as my sis couldn't make it.  But, she called me in the morning and said she could.

So we ate and shopped and shopped and ate the WHOLE day! So fun and only at 2 places - IKEA and Giant!! Hahah!!  Kimi was also very co-operative today both with behaviour and meal times. :) With Kimi skipping his nap, he had to sleep at 7pm.  So, I had some time on my own to cook and relax.

So what did I have? My favourite comfort food - panfry salmon.  I bought this Spicy, Sweet Sour Sotong Chilli and tossed it with Shirataki noodles and topped it with my salmon.  I also crushed some crispy bacon on top of the noodles (not seen here as I did not include it) before devouring it! Yummy!
What a fabulous start to the week!



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