Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kimi's First On Flyer

We met with hb's colleague and their kids for a little outing to let the little ones get together and experience Singapore Flyer.  Kimi enojys playing with Dexter, Des and Dawn's 6 year old (yes, he's sooo tall!!).

Frankly, Kimi had more fun playing and running around with Dexter and Dana than going on the Flyer.  Well, every Singaporean must experience it at least once ya?
So happy with this shot as Kimi ACTUALLY posed for it! Yay! :)
He said this is the vine that Diego uses when he swings from tree to tree to rescue animals. :)
And then he saw these rocks and said he could climb them - just like Diego!
A difficult shot to get all the kids in the pix.
Dexter, Kimi and Papa



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