Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Play Day!

Today was a day of PLAY and literally. We spent the day at 2 parks playing, playing and playing.In the morning, we went to Botanic Gardens for a morning walk where Kimi also scooted, chased pigeons and scare the swans.

After some warm-up, we proceeded to JB Children's Garden where Kimi thoroughly enjoyed the slides at the tree house. Previously, I didn't let him slide alone as I felt he was still too young. Today, he spend more than 30mins just playing there! :)I had to tear him away to look at some vegetables and plants before cooling off at the water-play area. This got to be Kimi's favourite place! Anything related to water, I guess. :)

After which we had Mac's for lunch (at his request) and I gave him a ice-cream treat for being such a lovely boy. It had to be none other than Island Creamery which I absolutely love.

After a nap at home, we headed to Pasir Ris beach with my nieces for more fun! It was soooo breezy today, Such a beautiful day to spend at the playground.

I hope Kimi had a wonderful, wonderful time today!

Ahhh! This is life! What cool breeze!


Whoosh! And down the slide Kimi went!

Oops... no more water ....

Yay!! Jumping with joy when the water returned!

Lunch @ Mac's - Kimi said he was an elephant with tusks!

Thumbs up for Kimi's favourite ride. It goes round and round. Simple pleasure, maximum satisfaction. :)

Kimi inside our favourite ice cream place - Island Creamery. Played some imaginary drums and held the guitar and he told me he was playing a cello! Haha! The guitar was very much bigger than what he has at home hence the relation he made as I explained to him that a cello is very large... :)

Kimi loves all animals and always wants to take pix with this SPCA doggie. I was exactly like that when I was small and always asked for loose change from my dad to pop it in. So did Kimi!
Our favourite!!! Kimi's favourite is Revers-O while my all-time favourite is Horlicks and Burnt Caramel and many others!! Today I tried the Coconut Swirl, not too bad. I'm drooling just thinking about it! :)

The finished shot - we devoured it! Happy and satiated!

Kimi, all excited to rush down to the playground! Haha! What a funny shot! I love it!

At the moment, Kimi likes spinning round and round and feeling all the dizziness. So he hogged this game at the playground.

Confident climber!
Happy boy ready to slide!

The tall and lanky Claire on the Flying Fox

Kimi absolutely loves the swing and the wind in his hair!

Such happiness! I love his smile and laugh here! This is so Kimi, how he is always cackling and laughing amongst all his mischiefs. :)



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