Monday, March 01, 2010

Surprise Present!

I was taken aback when I picked Kimi from school today. He told me excitedly that he had received a present from his teachers, Mrs R and Z Laoshi. As Mrs R wasn't there I couldn't ask what the present was for.

I suspect it's a little something in return for the ang-pow I gave them during CNY. Anyway, Kimi was over-the-top and was even happier when he found out that it was a walking/barking dog.

We have a similar one, only it is an elephant. :)

Thank you Mrs R and Z Laoshi!
Kimi posing with the pressie before opening it. I am so delighted that he was SO co-operative today with posing for the camera! Yay!! :)
See how excited he is?
Love at first sight!

Kimi can't wait to cuddle and shower the doggie with love! He said he wants to kiss and squeeze him! He named it "Doggie". Haha! How unconventional. Most of his favourite stuff animals have names.



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