Monday, March 01, 2010

A Tale of 2 Leaves

Last week I asked hb to drop me off at the supermarket to grab some groceries while he continued on to drop Kimi at school.

Unknown to me, Kimi had picked up a dried leaf from outside school grounds and told hb that it was for me.  My silly hb took the leaf and put it in the car and forgot to tell me!

Even sillier me, when I picked him from school and was putting him into the child seat, I saw a dried leaf and flung it out. :(

It was only when we were home that Kimi asked me about 'my leaf' which he picked for me.  I was surprised and it was then I realised that dried leaf was specially picked for me!  I was quite upset with hb for not telling me about it.

I guess to men, these are not important stuff.  But, to me, it is the most beautiful gesture your child just gave to me.

Anyway, today, he picked another and gave me.  When I asked him why did he give me the leaf.  He said, 'cos you are so cute'.  Ok.  So, I asked him, if he thought I was cute, why didn't he pick a flower instead.  Kimi replied, "Flowers are found in the garden, there is no garden in my school.  Next time, when I go to the garden, I will pick for you ok?"

Such a sweet gesture but now I need to imbue in him the virtue of not picking other people's flowers or public property! :)



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