Thursday, June 17, 2010

Butterfly Farm & Waterplay Again

It was a last minute decision to go to Oh's Farm to look at the butterflies as I had been telling Kimi that we will visit it again during the June hols with his little friends.

But ever since, he has been nagging me to bring him and with a fever running, I really wasn't keen to go. But after a nice big breakfast I made for the kids (my niece, Sarah stayed for the night), they were raring to go. Popped a panadol and away we went.

First stop, Oh's Farm (somehow, the farm do not look as good as it is depicted in this blog. Maybe no effort was made to maintain it?) to look at the butterflies but the kids were more keen to get their caterpillar kits. :)

After the visit to the park, I love to bring the kids to cool off at Sembawang Shopping Centre's Waterplay Park.  Such a nice sweet & cool way to end the outing. :)
Sarah & Kimi at entrance of the Butterfly Lodge
An interesting caterpillar we spotted!
Sarah's favourite butterfly!
What a beautiful sight with all the colourful butterflies fluttering around
Kimi was so happy when I managed to 'catch' a butterfly for him!
Jumping for joy at the water park
Kimi's favourite apparatus there - he's imagining that he's shooting down all the enemy ships and planes! Ha!
At home and quickly examining the kit.  We bought 2 kits.  1 of the kit had an normal sized and an ultra tiny caterpillar as there weren't any left. 
Update : The normal sized caterpillar pupated the next day!
Kimi happy to hold his caterpillar while Sarah was too frightened to even go too near it.



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