Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cat @ Forum The Shoppping Mall

Serene asked us to join her for a free play organised by Julia Gabriel at Forum.  We met up with Estelle, Reyes (Estelle's cousin) Enbi, Stella and Kayla for the show.

Since it was free, I know it was not easy to get seats so I decided to go early.  We were there at 11+ am for a show to start at 1pm.  And to think that the after show craft session were full!!!  There were only a few slots left for the second show.  It was too late so I did not put our names down.

We were 2nd in line for the show and had our lunch, Mac's while queuing up.  It was lively and interactive show based on an Australian storybook.  The cast were great with their imitations of animal sounds and movements.  The kids loved it!
Look at how engrossed Kimi was?  Beautiful Auntie June and Stella in the background
Story-telling after the show
Kimi touching the props



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