Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessed With A Castle

Hb came home this morning with this HUGE present for Kimi.  Actually, Kimi has been eyeing this Playmobil castle for the longest time and hb decided to get it for him during this trip to the US.  So he ordered it to be delivered to our sil, Julie's place in the US.

We were stunned when they wanted to pay for it and bless Kimi with the castle! :)

Thank you so much Uncle Peter and Aunty Julie for the castle, Kimi loves it and plays with it EVERYDAY!  This is the largest castle in Playmobil and we are amazed by its detailings, etc. Awesome toy!

 Kimi who just woke and can't wait to show his thankfulness to Uncle Peter and Aunty Julie for the toy
 Unpacking the huge box
 Halfway through assembling
 Almost done! See how big that even Kimi can sit inside!
Awesome toy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bento #64 - Not Exactly Green Frogs

Broccoli mixed with rice and shaped into balls for frogs, turkey ham & nori for facial cut-outs, steamed egg with minced pork, baby corn and steamed fish with soya sauce

I really miss my hob.  You'd only realise how much you rely on using fire to cook when you lose it.  So, it is still simple meals.  Guess, it is healthier? Cos everything is steamed. :)

As I was making a simple dinner tonight, I thought I could spare some time to make a froggy themed bento for Kimi.  This is relatively quick and easy to do.  Just shape rice and attach cut-outs, arrange and we are done.  Kimi was very happy to see the froggies as he is currently into frogs.

I had wanted to use the green Furikake to tint the rice but realised that I didn't have any left.  So, I snip off the green florets of the broccoli and mixed it with hot rice.  It's surprisingly tasty and I think it's another good way to hide vegetables if your kids don't like broccoli.

These days I enjoy buying live fish from Sheng Siong supermarket as it is so cheap.  Imagine S$7.90 for a live seabass?  We love having steamed fish and I will make steamed fish every time hb is home.  Kimi is just like papa and loves fish, especially steamed whole fish.  He can eat 1 whole side of a fish on his own. :)

Oops, just realised that my placemat is so crumpled! Haha! Must iron next time *blush* !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bento #63 - Caveboys!

 Hearty Beef Stew, coloured cubed rice decorated with fish floss for the hair, nori for facial features, ham and nori for their animal skin clothes, cocktail sausage for their clubs, broccoli and corn

I've not done any bentos for the past week cos I was too busy and too tired.  Since I had a little time today, I made 2 little caveboys that was inpired by the Bento Book which Lia gave to me.

Last week we had the gas-man to check on my cooking hob and he confirmed it was leaking so they disconnected it and I am without any cooking gadget till we buy another replacement.  So, I'm left with making 1 pot meals using either the steamer, rice-cooker, slow cooker or oven.  It's not too bad now that I'm getting used to it. :)

Our 1 pot-meal for dinner today is Beef Stew with rice instead of potatoes.  It's a little cool tonight as it was raining in the afternoon till early evening so it is so wonderful to tuck into steaming hot rice and Beef Stew, yums!

I used tomato ketchup to tint 1 of the caveboys red/orangey and tumeric dissolved in water for the other yellow caveboy.  However, the ketchup didn't make the boy look orangey enough.  Maybe colouring would be better.  Well, next time. :)

Kimi Speaks .... I want a pet

These days, Kimi has been asking for a pet.  He also has been parroting me all the time - action and speech.  I tell you, it can be rather irritating.  The other day when Kimi asked for a pet again, this was what I told him.

Kimi : Mama, can I have a pet?
Me : Pet? We already have a pet.
Kimi : (excitedly) Huh? Where?
Me : Kimi, you go and stand in front of that mirror there. Go. (the large mirror in our hall). 

Kimi stood there and asked me where is the pet.

Me : You! My parrot. Our pet.
Me, hb & Kimi : *Burst out laughing!*

After 10mins and in our bedroom, Kimi came up to me and said.

Kimi : Mama, you have 2 parrots, me and papa!

Me : Lol!

More Bento Pressies

I've been getting pressies after pressies these few weeks and I really feel so loved and blessed!  Thank you all, my dear friends and family!

Julie gave me a bagful of Bath & Bodyworks products - hand sanitisers of all sorts and handcream! Wow!  And my neighbour Karen, bought these for me during her recent trip home to Ipoh.
Round cutters and super cute and small Thomas Snack box - I love it! Great for 2 small sealed sammies? :)
Bento tools that Karen Hoh helped me to buy

Monday, August 16, 2010


The Cover
So many tips and steps and cute bentos too!

Firstly, I just want to say "THANK YOU, Lia for blessing me with this wonderful book!"

I was screaming with joy literally when a good friend and bento-mama sms me and told me I had won the  book which Lia had organised.  I was shocked for a while and couldn't remember what it was.  Then it hit me! I couldn't believe it!! Me? Winning the book? I've never had such 'luck' with draws and what nots.

I could only say it was, "All Glory to Jesus!".  Cos I remembered as I entered in the give-away, I told Jesus that I really liked that book.  I had never expected that I would be Blessed.  How loving our Abba Father is?  He not only blesses us with big things but listens to our hearts and can't wait to show His love to us.  What a Loving and Mighty God we serve!

We have been looking at the book from cover to cover and Kimi has been telling me he wants this and that.  Really, the designs are so intricate, I'm not sure iff I can replicate it! 

Once again, Thank you Lia for this wonderful book! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bento #62 - Frog & Bear Mini Sammies

Cherries, banana, tuna mayo & Nutella mini sammies

Can't wait to use the new tools which hb bought for me!  So I made tuna mayo and Nutella mini sammies for Kimi's breakfast today and served in his new Anpanman lunch box.  Of course, he could only finish 2 of the sammies so hb & myself ate the other 2. :)

I love this frog, bunny & bear print set!  Instead of using the cutter that came with it, I imprint them on the sealed mini sammies. 

Look here for other great Charaben Bentos! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Kimi

Big trunk and 4 skinny legs of an elephant!! Haha!  I scribbled a mahout(elephant keeper) on the elephant's back when Kimi asked me to.

I happened to look back at my pix folder and found this piece which Kimi drew and wrote his name while waiting for me.  We were at Jelic as I was keen to enrol Kimi in their class.  So, he drew an elephant and scribbled his name on the body.  Not sure if u can make it out as his 'm' is not complete.  But it is a great effort already, Well done! :)

Kimi started on his Jelic class with Enbi today. :)  While Enbi is totally focused, my little one came out for a hug, kiss, etc, etc after each task.  Pray that Kimi will focus better.

I need to jump on my trampoline!

Well, that's what Kimi tells us these days.  Or he will say, I need more exercise so I need to jump on my trampoline now!

We just bought a trampoline for Kimi and left it in the hall (yes, my place not only looks like a nursery, it is also looking like a gym now!) so that he has full access to it anytime.

The benefits for trampolining are plenty and therapists are now using it as a tool for ADHD and other learning disorders children.  It helps to promote better gross motor skills and has the capability to calm them down.  Not that Kimi has ADHD, however, he is like an Energizer bunny so it is a good idea to have a trampoline for him to expend his energy.

The trampoline was delivered on Tuesday, 10/8/10 and so far he has been jumping on it and loves it! After a few jumps, Kimi has came up with his own jump moves - counting from 1-20 while punching in the air alternating his hands. 

And he has also tried the jump in the air and doing a split move!  I almost fell off the chair when I first saw this.  Now although I know it is safe cos he knows how to do it but the thing is, he is trying to jump higher.  So, I have to repeatedly remind him of the rules for safe trampolining. :) 

Since this is originally for adults, the hb has jumped on it and I can use it too.  There is a sale on this now at only S$145 from Aibi.  So far so good, everyone seems to be enjoying it so it is a great buy.  Thanks Charmaine for the great recommendation! :)

My Doting Hubby & Bento Tools

My hubby is someone we would call 'wood'.  He is the strong, silent type.  He don't really talk much and mostly his actions speak more.

Over the years that he has been flying, he never once complained whenever I ask him to buy something for me.  Big things, small things, personal things.  The things I've asked him, you would never believe it!  Many many years ago, I only prefered a certain washing detergent from the UK.  So, my poor hb would lug them back in boxes for me.  I've long grown out of that brand.

Many times, he has to walk, hike and hunt for my stuff but he never complains.  He just do it.  Yes, just like NIKE - Just Do it.  If he can't find it in 1 place, he would try in another.  Yes, that was what happened when he couldn't find my FitFlops during his last trip - he had to scour a few places.

It didn't occur to me that it was anything usual until a very close friend pointed this out to me.  She revealed not many would do the same.  Well, I would do the same too for hb or good friends. :)  Perhaps that's why we are married - we are of the same kind. :) 

This time, I gave him a list and made him take the MTR to New Territories, walk the industrial roads to find my bento tools and here are my latest loot!! 
I've been eyeing this mini sandwich sealer for so long but have been putting it off as it was rather costly.  But, it is more affordable at this shop so I jumped right in! No regrets!! Picks and mini cutters
Kimi chose the Anpanman bento box, Frog sandwich cutter and imprint, tulip sausage cutter and rice moulds.  See the elephant in yellow? Kimi loves elephant and I thought it was easier to use a mould to get an elephant shape than to mould by hand

Having said all these, I still find it hard to give up and I simply love to use Fairy dishwashing detergent and I am into my last bottle. So hon, next trip to London, you know what to do ya? :)  Thank you Papa for buying all these stuff for me over the years!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alive Gallery @ Downtown East!

This whole week Kimi is at home cos Monday is a public holiday while Tuesday is a school holiday for National Day Celebration.  And due to some landlord takeover issues at his school premise, the school is closed for the next 3 days till it reopens on Monday.

Hence, decided to bring Kimi to have a look at the Alive Gallery which seemed rather interesting.  We had initially planned to have a playdate cum baking/bento session at Serene's place but I thought it was cancelled.

Nevertheless, Estelle joined us and the kids had a great time.  Well, not so much that they appreciated the art pieces except for the interactive Mona Lisa, they enjoyed running around together! Haha! 

However, Kimi did remember Mona Lisa and The Last Supper and was telling hb about Mona Lisa.  We also spoke briefly on our way home about the significance of the Holy Communion. :)
Taking a quick pix with Kylie
Then with Estelle
We are not supposed to eat inside but the kids took a quick snack ... sharing their fries and chicken tenders together

After lunch, we headed to Polliwogs instead as the charges were exhorbitant at Xplorer Kids! The kids had the most fun here!! As we made our way back, Kimi kept telling me he had good fun today. :)
Their favourite pit stop!
Goodness! They must have jumped at least a 100 times here!  Look how Kimi grabs Estelle's hands and jumped!  Eveytime they jumped, my heart jumped twice.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Bento #61 - Doggie

Broccoli, crispy fried chicken drum, fragrant pear, corn, doggie onigiri decorated with turkey ham, nori and blueberry for nose, rambutan and blueberry skewer

This is Kimi's first lunch bento as the school is celebrating National Day.  Hence it is combining all 3 sessions into 1 and extending it from 2 hours to 3.  Since he will be in school during lunch hour, I decided to pack lunch for him in case he didn't want the food in school.

Kimi requested for this doggie onigiri (after seeing it at Lia's) and 2 chicken wings.  But I couldn't get any fresh drumlets so gave him 1 drumstick instead.

In the end, when he brought the box home, he had left the onigiri and broccoli untouched cos he said he didn't have enough time to finish.  Sigh, yes, Kimi eats very slow...

The school is having a mini Olympics theme for National Day's celebration.  Will post pix if there are any of Kimi's in another post after the school has put up the images.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bento #60 - Chick Chick

This is a post of many firsts. :)  This is my first hand shaped onigiri, my first time making tamagoyaki and my first week of making so many bentos.  Usually, I would make 1 or 2 a week and they aren't much of a bento.  I call them plating cos it's what I make for Kimi's breakfast.

I'm so happy and really enjoyed the process of making these charaben.  Even Kimi will ask me what bento he will be having. :)  I hope I will be able to continue to make at least 1 or 2 each week.

In this bento : Hand moulded rice chick onigiri, decorated with nori, 2 corn kernels and ketchup for blushing cheeks. Xiao Bai Cai stir fry with abalone mushrooms, corn, tamagoyaki, salmon stew, cherry tomato.  I used purple potato for the stew hence it became rather dark. 

Steamed Chicken with Lilybulbs and Wood Ear

My neighbour, Karen shared this dish with me some time back and I loved it so much that I decided to recreate it.

It is really simple and I love how the subtle taste of each ingredient is amplified when we put all of it together! An easy on the palate kind of dish. :)


  • 250g fresh chicken, skin removed (I used a mixture of fillet and drum)
  • 2 pcs of Wood Ear, soaked, clean and cut in small pieces
  • 2 Fresh Lilybulbs, cleaned and separated
  • 8 pcs of small Dried Chinese Mushrooms
  • 1-2 shallot sliced thinly
  • 1 thumb of ginger, sliced
  • 1/2 tsp of sugar
  • 1/2 tsp of grated ginger
  • 1/2 tsp of grated garlic
  • Light soya sauce
  • Dash of pepper
  • 5-7 tbsp of Chinese Wine
  • 2-3 Fresh Basil leaves

  1. Marinate chicken with grated ginger, garlic, light soya sauce, sugar, pepper and chinese wine for at least an hour
  2. Add in sliced ginger, basil leaves, shallots and lilybulbs.
  3. Mix well and steam till just cooked.
  4. Enjoy!

  1. I will add some water in to the dish as I like it with more gravy - so yummy with rice!

My Playschool. Net

Have you always wanted to do some home-learning with your pre-schooler to build up your bonding with them or just simply to enrich their minds?  And you don't know where to start? 

Last week, Pauline contacted me and asked if she could feature one of my past home-learning post in her site.  I was so thrilled and honoured and never expected that anyone would be keen to read what I do with Kimi since my blog entries are more like a digital diary.  I was also worried if my post would measure up.

Well, if you guys know Pauline and Rachel, they are one of the best in home-learning.  In fact, I was so inspired by Pauline that led me down the home-learning path.  After a while, I came to know Rachel and she too, has some really fabulous ideas in home-learning and parenting.  For me, it is a boon as they are both Christian mummies and that is important to me.  Just like all Christian mums, we want our kids to be well-grounded in God's ways and to have Godly friends.

Back to My Playschool.  This is the brainchild of Pauline and Rachel and the site is breaming with useful home-learning articles, teaching ideas, resources, workshops, other home-learning blogs, etc, etc.  Basically, it is armed with everything you need to know and all the right tools to get you started on your home-learning journey.  Yes, everything is there in that site, unbelievable? Yes!

Home-learning is relatively new in Singapore and at times, resources can be limited and we have to make our own.  Sometimes, we don't even know where to start.  Has that ever happended to you before? Yes?  Now, you know where you can head on to - My Playschool - for the best in home-learning resources and networking! 

By the way, here's my feature .... Learning The Letter D.  You know, when I looked at this past post, I felt so nostalgic - both sad and happy.  Happy that we had so much fun learning and sad that time just flew by like that.  Looking at Kimi then, he was just a little baby!  Goodness! He has grown so MUCH!!!  Oh, how I miss his baby face, stubby fingers and round tummy! :)

Ok, enough.  Quick get to My Playschool now! :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bento #59 - Shark Attack!

Broccoli, carbonara pasta, sausage octopus and sharks made with sausage, nori and cheese cut-outs

Kimi requested for a shark themed dinner and Thank God I found a shark bento in my archives.  There were no planning so the bento looks rather messy and disorganised! 

I also forgot to put in Kimi's favourite corn for better colour and perhaps a cherry tomato.  Well, when you are in a rush, everything is crazy.  But, after when we look at it, we will ask ourselves why we didn't add this or that! Lol!  Oops, just realised that the shark's tail is bent too! Haha!

We had this rather awful Quick Carbonara in a packet for dinner.  I think the Alfredo flavour is better. But, nothing beats homemade. :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bento #58 - Musical Tortoise

Tortoise made from steamed green tea cake, lined with nori for the shell and sausage for the head, more cocktail sausages, fragrant pear cut in blossom shape, blueberry and edamame skewers

I was in quite a rush this morning while preparing this snack bento for Kimi for church.  Hence, after putting everything in, I realised that the box was a little deep for the small tortoise and I can't really capture it on pix.  So I removed the corn and turned it a little.  I did not have any time to re-arrange it.

Sigh, a little disappointed with today's haphazard bento.  Kimi currently likes turtles/tortoises so this is the inspiration for today's bento.  Hope Kimi likes it! :)

Post update : When I picked Kimi after church, he told me he was very upset as another boy wanted to grab and eat his food.  The boy touched his food and even overturned some of it.  So, Kimi only had the sausages and a bit of the corn. :(


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