Monday, October 04, 2010

Morning @ The Gardens

We decided to bring Kimi for a morning walk in the Gardens and to play at Children's Garden today.  We only remembered when we arrived that it is a Monday and Children's Garden is closed every Monday.  What a bummer!

Nevertheless, Kimi had fun running, scooting, feeding the swans, chasing pigeons and playing with 2 labs! :)
 Kimi wanted to catch the pigeons despite my repeated 'no' - he just loves animals
 I love this pix of him running!
 Yup, again! I'm always taking pix of Kimi running cos that's the essence of Kimi - always on the move! :)
 A nice lady shared her bread with Kimi so he was enthusiastically feeding the pigeons
 And of cos not forgetting the swans.  Frankly, Kimi is so brave to let the swan eat from his hand cos these fellas can sometimes peck a little too hard.
 Kimi stepped on some wet mud and wanted us to clean him up - here he is showing off his dirty foot! Heez!
 Lovely Bamboo cluster in the background
 Ahhh.. Kimi's favourite!  He played with these 2 labs till the dogs were a little worn.  Kimi still insisting that this lab do more retrieving. Look how he is literally shovering the tennis ball into the dog's mouth?
 A boy and 2 dogs
 Lovely blooms - my fave!
 An owl perched on a tree?  When Kimi saw this way up high on a tree, he shouted to me excitedly to look at the owl up there.  I think momentarily he had forgotten owl are nocturnal. Hee hee!  I, too on first glance thought it was an owl but..... on closer look.... it actually was  .....
A bunch of dried leaves!  Haha!  Kudos to Kimi's sharp observation for something that was so high up and a vivid imagination!



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