Monday, December 05, 2011

UK 2011 - Burford on Foot

Today we went walkabout in Burford town's High Street.
Burford is situated in north Oxfordshire, twenty miles west of Oxford, and is considered the southern gateway to the Cotswolds. The gentle rolling hills of the surrounding countryside are perfect for walking, cycling or horse riding. People have lived and worked here for over 6,000 years.

The broad main street slopes gently down to the river and is lined with dignified old houses and ancient cottages and many shops all of which appear little changed since Tudor times as witnessed by the precarious angles the buildings have come to rest at.  It is not unusual to have house, shophouses as old as 900 years here.  My sis used to live in an apartment here and that house was at least 900 years old!

Although we had slightly over an hour to walkabout, I had a great time.  I love walks like that where I can take in the local sights, peer into people's homes and take leisurely shots.  But what frustrates me is that I have a great camera (yes!! my new toy) but I don't know how to maxismise its use.  It's like having a Ferrari and not knowing how to drive! Arrgghh!!! I must learn to use it, the scenery is gorgeous!!

This was the backyard of a needlework shop and the owners also sells these nick nacks and decor. Nice!

Kimi was so excited when he found 2 mini pots with water in them.  Ya, just water...

Signs galore

Lovely little nook with more signs

My fave - totally agree! lol!

Nice scene from the top of High Street

My little cutie

Sis and mom, outside Maison Blanc, a cafe.  My sis used to live in the apartment above this cafe.  My little trooper is a little upset as he wanted to stick with mummy and not to any pix

Love the architecture in the background

Totally agree! I love signs!

Another nice one!

Love it! When we moved to our current house, we opted for modern contemporary for ease of cleaning and a change from our old place which was done in Mediterranean Country. And altho I love modern clean look, my heart is always for all things country.  It lends a special cosiness to any home.  But so much to clean!!! And of cos, now, our place is a mad clutter of kids' stuff.  Sigh, when will I get my house back?

All quaint and pretty country signs and decor

Pretty Xmas decor

This house sells xmas trees, wreathes, candles, flower arrangements in their garden.  So nice isn't it?

Pretty fresh xmas wreaths

Then as promised, we brought Kimi to feed the ducks at the river.  As we approach the area, the ducks, swans and goose rushed to us!

Kimi feeding happily

The fearless goose that would come up to you and demand for bread

Then it was time to head back to pick Sarah.  This beautiful converted house to Pub is just opposite Sarah's school.  Took opportunity to take a pix


Sunday, December 04, 2011

UK 2011 - Lunching out

We decided to try out this Steak and Pasta, joint at Witney today for our Sunday lunch and although I was ok with the food and service, my sis wasn't too pleased when her order of a rack of ribs were cold. :(

The decor at Frankie & Benny's was pretty nice and cosy but it was a rather small restaurant really.  I think the ribs were marinated very well and the meat was soft and juicy and fell off the bones easily. The steak I had was a little over charred on the stop and a little too 'veiny' for my preference.  Kimi's order of Fish & Chips were also a little overcooked.  But I found the onion rings really juicy, sweet and yummy.

Well, because they did not attempt to do anything about the cold ribs, my sis has decided not to return! Lol! But, who knows, the kids loved the ribs and I am tempted to try making the ribs next week!

Nice mirror in the restaurant

The Coulthards

Claire's order of Rack of Ribs - I was too slow, she chomped on it before I could even whip off my cam's lens cover!

My a little over-charred on the top steak

After lunch, we went a little shopping and Kimi was running with the kids earlier

Love this pix! I managed to grab a pix of him running and jumping!

A decent shot at the X'mas tree

Saturday, December 03, 2011

UK 2011 - Gardening

The weather was rather good this morning with clear sly and good sunlight but it was still draughty so that meant it was rather chilly.  We decided to stay in today despite being a Saturday cos firstly we had a late start and Hugh was keen to clear up the overgrown bush and dead leaves so we have an open view come Spring.

But before that, the kids had a good time cycling, playing football, hockey, rugby and just mucking about running and chasing each other in the open field.  Good workout for the lungs! Ah, and not forgetting to say hi and feeding the horses too!

And really, the kids had such a fun time pulling weeds, vines and what have you in the overgrowns and poking at the soil that they can't wait to do it again! :)
Kimi having a go at the rugby ball

Football craze!

The horses which the kids love visiting

Kimi trying the feed and stroke the horse

The girls helping to remove the creepers/stranglers from the trees
Kimi also tried to help by clearing the dead leaves, twigs and branches to the sides

Ivy vines in abundance! I loved these ivy vines and I remembered I had to pay $20 for a small pot and had quite a little bit of a hassle to grow these around my large water pipes in my old house. And here, it is growing wild in abundance!

The sun sets early, round about 3.30pm

Friday, December 02, 2011

UK 2011 - Around Town

We had to get groceries today and on our way to Sainsbury, Kimi grabbed my iphone and took some pix.  I find this really nice and we were in a moving car!  I think Kimi has a way with cameras, don't you? :)

Upon reaching the supermarket, I saw this really funny & quirky car that was so tiny but housed a really huge German Shepherd! It seemed the dog was bigger than the car! Lol! We had a good laugh!

UK 2011 - Creating, creating ....

Kimi has been making cute stuff since our stay here.  There are many others which I have missed taking pix and now am sorely upset and regretful! :(

25/11/11 - After watching Transformers the night before, Kimi got up early and made this - his version 

Then Kimi modified it and said this is a more powerful version with bigger guns

Kimi with his creation
This was also done on 25/11/11.  Traffic Seaplane - that's what Kimi calls it. He says it rescues n saves pple who hv driven off cliffs and hills and into the sea/waters
This was made today, 2/12/11.  Kimi said it is a beetle gift box.  Inside hides a surprise!

Beetle Gift box - Remove the bricks to reveal a surprise!

Tada! My surprise!

And then he changed it to a Ladybug gift box

And before going to bed, his creation - A Spacecraft
I like how Kimi plays - he will use his Lego to build whatever structures he needs and uses that to play with his Playmobil.  I enjoy his creativity!


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