Friday, December 02, 2011

UK 2011 - Creating, creating ....

Kimi has been making cute stuff since our stay here.  There are many others which I have missed taking pix and now am sorely upset and regretful! :(

25/11/11 - After watching Transformers the night before, Kimi got up early and made this - his version 

Then Kimi modified it and said this is a more powerful version with bigger guns

Kimi with his creation
This was also done on 25/11/11.  Traffic Seaplane - that's what Kimi calls it. He says it rescues n saves pple who hv driven off cliffs and hills and into the sea/waters
This was made today, 2/12/11.  Kimi said it is a beetle gift box.  Inside hides a surprise!

Beetle Gift box - Remove the bricks to reveal a surprise!

Tada! My surprise!

And then he changed it to a Ladybug gift box

And before going to bed, his creation - A Spacecraft
I like how Kimi plays - he will use his Lego to build whatever structures he needs and uses that to play with his Playmobil.  I enjoy his creativity!



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