Friday, August 31, 2012

Teacher's Day Sept 2012

The first week of September is Teacher's Day here in Singapore.  It's a time where we, or rather students show their appreciation for their teachers.  This year, we decided to bake a muffin, pack it in a mug, add a tea bag and a pocket hand sanitiser so that Kimi's teacher can take a break, sip a hot tea while enjoying the muffin that Kimi baked.  After that, they can clean their hands with the sanitiser too! lol!

We baked 3 batches of these muffins as it was given out in different batches to different teachers at different places.  First batch was at church, followed by Kimi's piano and maths teachers and followed by Kindy teachers.  The last batch was baked early this morning as Kimi was too tired after his field trip to Sentosa's Butterfly Kingdom yesterday.  He did a good job in all 3 baking sessions :)

What's inside? Muffin, serviette, tea bag (oops!! I had forgotten to add in the teabags!!), sanitisers and tags
The flower tag - Kimi says, "Take a break, have a tea & cake, which I have baked.  Just add hot water & enjoy"
These are for church teachers as per Kimi's request.  I replaced the Rose Hip & Hibiscus tea with White Coffee for 1 for the teachers.  He is more a coffee person, really! lol!

For Church teachers - all wrapped and ready to go!
For Kindy teachers - all ready!

Bento #270 - Clone Troopers

Ahhh...! Finally, it's the last day of school and we can have a break and some fun.  I've yet to think up the plan for next week.  Let's see what Kimi wants to do.  These days he has a mind of his own and will tell me his plan and what he wants to do or go. :)

A busy start today as Kimi was too tired after his field trip yesterday to bake cuppies for his teachers so we did it this morning.  This is a fuss-free and fast & easy recipe.  U only need a fork, a measuring cup and a bowl.  I will share recipe later.  I've shared this previously in my contributing corner at the Greast Eastern Live Great Blog.  Do check it out, it has many healthy recipes and health tips - very informative indeed!

Of course with these out of the oven, Kimi wanted them for his lunchbox too. We made 2 flavours - for his teachers, we made Lavender choc chip and cranberry and an alternative choice for Kimi is choc chip with fresh Blueberry. He had 1 each for school.  Added our usual stash of broccoli and corn, mini taiwan sausages that hb bought during his last trip and golden kiwi.

I took the easy way out and press on cupcake rings. Kimi was thrilled. I got to scream again - Yay!!last day of school today!
Easy 1 Bowl Muffins Recipe (makes 10 small muffins)
What do you need?
  • 125g self raising flour
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 90g caster sugar
  • 125ml milk
  • 70g oil or melted butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • Toppings or fillings - Chocolate chips, fresh blueberries, dried cranberries, shredded carrot, cubed cheese and chocolate rice etc

How do you do it?
  1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degree celsius
  2. Sift flour and salt together and mix with sugar
  3. Beat egg, milk, oil and vanilla essence till smooth well mixed
  4. Pour into dry ingredients and mix till just combined
  5. Spoon batter into muffin cup till about 1/3 full
  6. Add in fillings of your choice
  7. Top up batter till 3/4 full
  8. If you wish, you may add sprinkles or leave top plain
  9. Bake in oven for about 15mins, longer if larger cups or lesser if smaller cups
  • I find adding choc chips to the flour to coat before adding the wet ingredients better as the chips will not sink to the bottom of the cups.  But if you want different flavours in 1 baking batch then you will have to use the 1/3 batter, filling and top up method.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bento #269 - Ladybugs

It's ladybugs again! Our all time fave! When I looked at this pix after downloading them from my cam, a story came to my mind. It seemed like the smaller bug behind is laughing at the bigger bug for thinking that the leaves infront are real! Lol!

2 cute, silly bugs - we love ladybugs, do you?
Ok, just another slap-stick story I had conjured..Lunch today is bread onigiri filled with mayo salmon and corn, crispy meatballs, broccoli, corn, golden kiwi, grapes and marshmellow.
Ooh, almost half the week has gone by before the school hols beckon!  Kimi really enjoyed this crispy meatballs.  I've included the recipe below.
Crispy Meatballs
What do you need?
- 200g Minced meat (chix, pork or whatever you prefer)
- 2 tsp corn flour
- 1/2 tsp minced garlic
- Dash of sea salt & pepper
- 1/2 tsp fish sauce
- 1 tsp mirin
- Cheese (optional)
- 1 egg, beaten
- Some flour and bread or cracker crumbs
How to do it?
- Wash and rinse mince in sieve and squeeze out excess water.
- Marinate with corn flour, minced garlic, salt, pepper, fish sauce and mirin for at least 30mins.
- Wet hands, take about 2 tsp of meat, roll into balls.
- If you like cheese, flatten meat on palm, add some cheddar or mozarella in the centre and close up meat cavity and roll into a ball.
- Dust with flour, dredge in egg wash and roll on crumbs.
- Fry on medium low fire till golden brown.
- Serve with ketchup mixed with a little Lea & Perrins Sauce.  If your ketchup is too sour, you can add a little honey and mix well.  Or if you like more spice, you can sprinkle some grounded Paprika once it is out from the pan.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bento #268 - Happy Hedgehogs

I've always loved hedgehogs especially those cute softies and now, so does Kimi. We think they are uber cute, even the real ones!  I remembered my sis's ex place had a family of them in her back garden. :) I've made hedgehogs before so here's another.

Lunch for my little one today is Chicken Miso Soup with Ume Soba which Kimi enjoys. Little hedgehogs are made from quail's eggs. I threw in some ketchup to help him eat.  Also packed in 2 mini bananas and apple juice to complete his meal.

Counting down to end of the week! Can't wait for sch hols to start. Am I the only mom who loves holidays? Frankly, 1 week is way too short.  Thought of starting the sch hols week earlier.  Somehow I wished I can homeschool Kimi instead and we can have fun everyday and not just academics.  Really, can the children of Singapore get back their childhood? Hope the PM's speech at last night's National Day Rally will be carried out. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bento #267 - Softies Line

Thank God it's Friday!! I'm hanging out the softies on the line to end my 'line series' today! It has been fun making these line bentos, I may attempt again. :)

I woke up late this morning so the softies are rather roughly cut and not as 3D and more detailed as I would like them to be.  Argghh... I forgot to add on the paw prints for my doggy! 

Lunch today for Kimi is prata with breaded scallop, corn, broccoli, grapes and blueberries.
At a closer look ... :)
 Blessed weekend friends!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bento #266 - Photo Line

Kimi is having his yearly photo-taking session at school today and he has chosen something really smart to wear. :)

And as for me, I'm jumping on the opportunity to do another line - photo-line! Polaroids are made of cheese and nori and reminds Kimi to smile today. Hope the photographer will be as sweet as the girl I've made.

S M I L E !!!
Today's lunch is banana & walnut bread with butter sugar, corn, broccoli, fish fingers, golden kiwi and grapes.

Kimi said they called him Big Boss or Businessman in school today, lol! Hence the smug look!
The trying to be 'serious' Kimi

The Real Kimi - Cheeky and playful!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bento #265 - Laundry Line

Today's bento is more of my personal fantasy more than Kimi's likes! Lol!  Made something simple - a laundy line.  Yup! And little boy asked me why.  I told him just for fun. :)

But actually, I love looking at laundry lines, especially when the clothes bellow in the wind, releasing the sweet, fresh smell of sun and detergent. I guess it's childhood memories? I especially love those country laundry lines and how nice it is to run through fresh clothes and roll on the soft, green grass!  I also love beach country homes and the white laundry that bellows softly while I stare at the endless sea, relaxing in a hammock.  Ahhh... what a life!

Upclose of my laundry line - made of cheese, salami, nori and spagetti

Ok, back to reality.  Today's lunch is rice layered with fish floss and seaweed, chicken teriyaki bites, broccoli, corn, grapes and marshmellow for treat.

I'm still dreamy again! lol! I think I need a holiday badly!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bento #264 - Mee Goreng

Been rather busy of late and hadven't been making cutesy bentos. Kimi requested for mee goreng for lunch today so here's another non-cutesy bento. I did not think or plan anything over the weekend. But I'm happy and blessed that the little one is ok with non-cutesy bentos. :)

Fruits for today are melon cubes and blueberries and cold apple juice for a refreshing lunch.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bento #263 - Singapore National Day Bento

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

Today there is an early celebration in Kimi's Kindy and he is very excited!. The kids will be dressed in the distinct Red & White and are going on a walk at the Park Connectors and thereafter, playing some outdoor games there.

The kindy will be serving donut and Kimi had wanted to eat in school but I reminded him that he may be limited by the number of pieces, so he suggested a small snack bento.

Can you tell the little boy waving the flag is Kimi? Hee hee! It is made from corn bread balls and stuffed with fish floss. Chicken satay, corn, broccoli, blueberries and green tea gummy.

Hope Kimi has lots of fun in school today! Yay! long weekend ahead!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bento # 262 - Peeping Gophers

I've done something similar before but this time I am using mashed sweet potatoes instead of sausages. I find these real gophers really cute. I think I need to think up of more peepers like these, they are great peepers for hot lunches.

Simple fried rice today for Kimi with mashed sweet potatoes, golden kiwi, apple, peach and blueberries.

Sigh, in the end it all came back as there was a birthday celebration in school and the child's parents informed the school too late and teacher couldn't inform me on time. :(

Monday, August 06, 2012

Bento #261 - Mr Lion

Inspired by fellow FB mummy, Jasmine, I decided to make this simple bento for today. I first chance upon this cutie during my last trip to Japan last year. It's a mascot for a donut shop.  But mine don't really look like the original so I'm just calling it Mr Lion instead of Mr Donut! lol!

I cant believe how tired I was after the weekend demo. It was nice interacting with the people and I wished I could share more. :) Anyway, I was so so tired that hb had to help me wash up some of my food containers!

A simple fish floss sammie with mashed sweet potato balls, broccoli, breaded fish and blueberries.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Bento #260 - Alligators!

Yikes mum, I've got gators in my lunch!!! Hope the gators won't give Kimi's teacher a shock as she opens the cover today! lol! Gators are made from mini sausage and bread for teeth and eyes.

Today's lunch is fusili pasta in basil and pine nuts pesto with salmon, asparagus, corn and carrots. Fruits to complete the meal are the juicy melon cubes, blueberries and plum. Lots of water for Kimi today. :)

Woo, tomorrow is my big day, pray for me everyone! Blessed Weekend peeps!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bento #259 - Porridge Day

I had planned to make fried rice for Kimi today but he woke with a runny nose.. Think he may have caught a cold while swimming yesterday. :(

So I changed it to porridge instead. Added lots of sweet and juicy rock melon cubes and blueberries.

For enrichment at school, I cut up some butter and sugar sammies for him. Think he will enjoy today's lunch and snack very much - all his fave foods! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bento #258 - Happy Doggy

I first saw this doggy bento on a Japanese bento site and I fell in love with this cute fella.  I also loved all her works!  But as I made this bento today, I thought of my friend, Delci's doggy, Pika.  It was as white and as happy as he is.

Today's lunch is hand moulded doggy onigiri with fish floss filling with chicken yakitori, corm and stir-fry aspragus with shredded carrot. Fruits for Kimi are golden kiwi, dark plum and blueberries. These fruits are so sweet, juicy and yummy!

Lunch is served, have you had yours? :)


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