Friday, July 17, 2009

Cutting of 19th & 20th Teeth

Finally, the last menancing 2 and we are DONE!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kimi Speaks

Many a times, I've been telling myself that, "oh, I need to get that down on paper/blog so that we can remember all these cute conversations". Kids really grow up too fast, too soon!

Some of these conversations date a few months back ... yup, should have done it soon so I'll remember the dates, but I didn't.. :(

1) I normally clip up my hair when we have our showers at night together. This happened during that period where it was SUPER warm and the air-con was not cooling down fast enough. So I left my clip on...

Kimi : Mama, take out, not nice!

Me : I was shocked! Where did he learn about what is nice & what is not? And he insisted till I removed the clip.

2) Kimi absolutely loves jelly and what he likes, he will guard fiercely. At lunch with our friend, Janice.

Janice : Kimi, can you share your jelly with Aunty Janice?

Kimi (turning to me) : Aunty Janice don't like jelly.

** He did the same to my mil later that night. Telling me that my mil didn't like he needn't share ya? Haha!

3) I was on the way to pick hubby where we passed this stretch of empty land overgrown with trees. It had a slope so we can see the flat land area until after some distance.

Kimi : Mama, what is this?

Me : It's an empty land overgrown with trees, vegetation and grass. It's called a forested area.

Kimi : So many animals inside the jungle there! (He can get quite imaginative esp during pretend play)

Me : Oh is it? What animals are there inside?

As we approached the tappering of this higher land to a flat piece ... Kimi ignored my question and asked,

Kimi : Mama, what is this?

Me : It's a piece of empty land same as what you saw earlier. It's not a jungle, that's how it looks but we can't see it earlier because of the slope.

Kimi : No animals, animals in the zoo.

Me : *O* - surprised! It's amazing how quickly he can change his thoughts.

4)We were getting ready to go to the Park to feed the fishes when I thought I had better let Kimi have his fruit instead of after the outing. Reckon he may be too tired to eat later.

As I busied myself with peeling the apple, Kimi as usual stood on a stool and propped himself next to me. Just when I pushed the apple divider into the apple (it opens up like a flower which Kimi sees all the time),

Kimi exclaimed, "Wow!! Mama so clever!".

It's so nice to be praised sometimes especially from your son! :)


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