Sunday, November 07, 2010

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Up till now, Kimi still thinks that Enzo is only 'vacationing' at Brother Charlie's place.  And he still insists that Enzo is our dog. Kimi misses Enzo very much and everytime after visiting Enzo, he will want to bring him home.  Kimi will ask me persistently why we aren't bringing Enzo home.

I'm so sorry Darling, you will understand in a few years time.  It tears my heart too but this is the best for all of us.  After today's visit, I had a serious eye allergy which became an infection and I needed to see a doctor the next day.

But I am heartened to say that Enzo is doing so wonderful in their hands and he is so loved and fabulously taken care of.  All I can say is, "All Glory to Jesus!".  When we put our trust and life in His Mighty Hands, we can be sure He will make the path smooth and straight.  He made the way for us to find such a nice family for Enzo.  We are even more Blessed cos both families are close friends now and we can visit Enzo anytime.  Isn't that wonderful.  Thank you, Lord!

 Kimi starting his antics again! :)
Sweet, tender moments - Precious!


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