Friday, July 28, 2006

Canberra Graduation

Day 1 - Mon, 24 July 2006
We arrived in Sydney early morning and went to pick-up the car from the Thrifty @ the airport. They upgraded us and gave us a SUV (Mitsubishi Airtrek, in Auz, its called Outlander). Baby must be bringing us good luck. Oh ya, forgot to add that Raveena (UC Lecturer) has asked me if I would like to be a tutor for local Masters students on a part-time basis. I've said yes! And am very excited as have been thinking of going into training/lecturing if given an opportunity.

While i slept shiok-ly in the car (jet-lag as I didn't sleep on the plane), hb drove all the way to Canberra, stopping for a leak or fresh air occassionally. We arrived at Canberra in the afternoon and went to Westfield Shopping Mall at Balconnen where we had a small lunch and did a little 'jalan-ing' around. Surprisingly, we bumped into Felix and his wifey and we decided to have dinner together with Mag that evening.

We then drove to the motel to check-in and meet up with Mag whose room is just next to ours. A very simple place... nothing fancy but good enough for 2 night's stay.

Dinner was really good and we had Chinese! Really authentic unlike many I've tasted while overseas.

Aarghhh.. weather is cold and wet.. been raining.. I hope tomorrow will clear up. Pray...

Day 2 - Tue, 25 July 2006
Got up early for Mac brekkie with Mag & Bern... slept like a log last night. Really exhausted. Today looks promising... weather seems to have cleared up and the cool, crisp & fresh morning air gave me an instant rejuvenation shot.

After brekkie, we went to a small neighbourhood mall near the motel for more jalan-ing. Bought a nursing bra, 3 maternity tops and a pack of rompers and Pooh Bear Sockies for myself and baby. Am I buying things too early? Hence, the conservative numbers!

Ever since I got pregnant, I've got a feeling I am expecting a boy, so... I'm going with these, aren't they cute? What do you think? Any bets? Is my nose showing yet that I am carrying a boy?

After leaving the mall, we headed back to have a short rest before leaving for the Parliament House to take pictures and rent the gowns.

The Ceremony
We arrived relatively early but that's good so we need not rush, in fact mag and myself was not the 1st in line to pick up the gown. Another student, receiving his 2nd PhD was there before us - a nice grandfatherly man. Wished I had the money to do my PhD too but guess not now... have to spend the time and money on our new project - BABY!
Look! A rainbow! A sign of good things coming our way!

HB & me @ Parliament Hse
Me & Mag in our grad gowns

Me, Felix (our lecturer) & Mag
HB, Bern and Aaron are all geared up and ready at the 1st available row to take pix, video, etc. Our men are really good, we, girls just need to strut and smile!

As I sat waiting in anticipation to receive my Masters degree, many things came rushing to my head. I remember the 1st tutorial, the 1st exams, the crazy deadlines, juggling work, family and studies, etc, etc. I really wondered how I could have coped especially the last leg where I had to deal with morning sickness and studies. I really can't believe I did it finally and thinking back, well, it wasn't that bad. Luckily I had a good study partner, Mag. As these moments come flooding, I also could feel my emotions choking me and I felt some tears. Must be those pregnancy hormones!

I'm really glad to have come to Canberra for my graduation as it gave my hard work and perserverance a sweet closure. The ceremony was also very lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed. Wished mom, dad, Jenny and the girls were here too.

Waiting patiently and eagerly for our turns to receive our degree

Day 3 - Wed, 24 July 2006
After a long and exhausting but happy/satisfying day yesterday, we still had to wake up early to drive back to Sydney as we need to return the car by noon. So we set off with Bern & Mag to go to UC Campus for some pix taking and quick walk-about. The campus looks pretty old... but guess most Auz Uni are like that... a far cry from our NUS/NTU? Hmm..

Map of UC with Mag

With Mag inside & outside Faculty. Gosh! My face really spells 'preggy' in pix!

After reaching Sydney, we checked into Hilton and it's such a luxury compared to the Canberra one! Plush pillows and comfy bed and tip-top bathroom ... so shiok!!! Wah tonight I will sleep really well.

For dinner, Hb and me walked to Darling Harbour where we dined at this really nice & cozy restaurant, Meat & Wine Co. I had the yummy-licious Beef & Prawn BBQ Skewer. Just thinking about it and I can salivate. Hb as usual - conservative choice, he had Pork Chop. After dinner we had a slow stroll back to the hotel. The night was nice and cool so it was such a nice walk.

Yummy Food!

Day 4, Last Day - Thu, 25 July 2006

Finally, the day has come when we are heading back! I missed Enzo so much! Hilton Hotel Lobby is so nice right? Can't resist taking a pix of this huge fresh and dried floral arrangement ... if only you could smell its sweet floral frangrance!

Waiting at lobby for airport pick-up

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Check-up before flying

Wow! Time really flies! I am now in my 12th week already! Baby, we have crossed an important milestone together ya? You must continue to remain strong and grow well and healthy in mummy's tum tum ok?

Everything is going fine for baby and me and Dr Gordon has also gave the 'go-ahead' for my travel.

Baby is now 6cm in length and from the scan machine, my EDD seems to have been brought forward to 23/1/07 and registers me as 13 weeks preggy!! So happy baby is growing well!

We will be leaving on Sunday night (23/7/06) and arrive Sydney early monday morning and willl drive up to Canberra. My graduation will be on 25/7/06, Tuesday in the evening at Parliament House. I'm so excited ... will be meeting Mag there. We have booked the same Motel to stay in.

Stay tuned for updates when I return!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Papa's 1st Soft Toy for Baby

Hb bought a little Golden Retriever puppy soft toy for baby today when he came home.

Baby can play with this first until he is bigger to wrestle with Enzo. I think Hb is training baby to be an animal lover so that he can be a vet in the making later? Keke! Isn't the puppy cute?


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