Thursday, May 31, 2007

May's Reflections - Ambitions

Bumped into a friend/ex-coursemate recently while shopping in town. She looked so different, all decked in sharp office wear and fashioned with a Gucci bag.

This girl I once knew was dying to get into marketing. She did many contract jobs and finally turned a corner and she's now some manager in a FMCG. Whoa, how times flies and I remembered giving her pointers on how to land a marketing job, etc. And here I am, a SAHM.

After the initial exchanges and updates, oohs & ahhs over Kimi. My friend asked me point-blankly, "So, I guess you don't have any ambition anymore now? I was shocked in my shoes but I answered her, "Of course I do!"

In fact, I have ambitions everyday, throughout each day! I aim to :-
- make kimi finish his every milk feed
- ensure that kimi has enough naps in the day
- strive to let kimi have his beauty sleep on time
- make sure kimi poo poos
- inculcate good values in kimi
- to finish my chores before he wakes
- to be a better mom to kimi
-read or do some flash cards
- play & exercise kimi's motorskills

Really, the list goes on. You mean these are not good enough ambitions? Does ambitions have to be the career kind? Are SAHMs not worthy of their place around society, friends, etc?

I felt rather upset but kept my cool. I think it is really about time that moms get some form of recognition. Let me share with you, being a SAHM is far more stressful and challenging than working. Now, am not saying that a full time working mom has it easier. But, you never know what it is like until you have done it - 24/7 with baby! It gets worst when baby is cranky and difficult and you simply have no help. Even a simple mundane need of going for a pee takes a back-seat.

I start my day at 5 to 6am depending when Kimi wants his milk. And more often than never, I do not get any afternoon naps (there's jus too much chores to complete!). I get busy till Kimi sleeps at 7+. But my day don't end there. Night time is also chores time while watching telly or just surfing the net. My day ends when Kimi gets his last feed at 12+ to 1am. And the whole cycle repeats again. Honestly, am shagged out each day in the evening, both mentally and physically.

Now does being a SAHM sounds as easy and relaxed as everyone thinks so? Honestly, No!

Well, I guess our life changes and so do our priorities. I believe in making the best of the present situation and living life to its fullest with my darling son!

With a smile like Kimi's, I tell you, it's all worth it!

I Love Puppets 2

Just got these yesterday! See how keen Kimi is? Again, his fave is piglet... wonder its the colour or the affinity with the year he is born in?

Kimi's Passport

We collected Kimi's passport today after almost a 2 hours' wait!

Wow! He looks so good and the pix seems so professional too! But hb actually used his new Sony Ericsson handphone.

The photo we sent in :

Sunday, May 20, 2007

4 months old & Attempting to Sit

We happened to prop Kimi up and he amazed us by attempting to balance and sit on the bed! Our baby is growing up fast!

Kimi looks best when he is happy and laughing!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Papa's Birthday

Today is Hb's birthday so the whole gang went to Seoul Garden for buffet as the girls wanted to have that. Think it's more the fun of bbq-ing then eating that they like!

Anyway, it wasn't too bad. Better than I last had some years back.
Hmm, didn't get any pressie for hb as was too busy with Kimi.. but am sure he has everything cos I gave him the best present oradi ya? Our son, Kimi! Kekek!

I grabbed the first pix with my darling son!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Best Gift for My 1st Mother's Day!!!

Can't believe how time flies - last year tis time I was still juggling work, assignments and impending exams! In a blink of an eye - I'm now a mother to a coming 4 month old boy. Hence, tis year is especially special for me as it is my first Mother's Day.

We decided to celebrate earlier, on Saturday instead of Sunday to 'beat the crowds'. I was craving for Mexican so we went to Margarita's @ East Coast. Food was not fab - I prefered Chico & Charlie's @ Holland V beta, but it's too far to travel. However, the company was great as the 2 most important men in my life was by my side..

(Above - HB and our darling son)

(Below - Mother & son)

So what could be the best Mother's Day gift for me? Kimi gave out his first laugh & chuckle after dinner in the car. He was almost dosing off when he suddenly became so tickled and let out tis most sweet and cute laughter. It all lasted a good 5 mins and he quickly went to sleep again!!

Maybe I looked really funny as he kept staring at me and laughed - it was the sweestest sound I've heard!

My Mother's Day wish is for Kimi to grow up healthy and well - that's all I sincerely hope for - am sure all mothers would agree!

Thanks, baby for making my first Mother's Day most memorable!

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Teether A Day Keeps Fingers Away?? Hardly!!

Took out & chilled the teether for Kimi today ... But after a few chews... he succumbed to, yes, his fingers again!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yum Yum !!

Decided to start weaning Kimi as he has been so disinterested in milk of late. Guess, he wants something more exciting than just boring milk. But you need to drink your milk, baby...

Anyhow, today's foray was a successful one! I gave Kimi some plain Rice Cereal from Heinz and Kimi loves it! He even opens his mouth when the spoon approaches. Hope this is a good sign!

Patience baby, soon mummy will add purees to make your meals more yummy!

Friday, May 04, 2007

I Love Puppets

I've had a penchant for puppets since I was a little girl. Puppets are also a good way to reach out to children, whether for communication or teaching. It allows children to learn thru play - effective and recommended too. Hence, I've started buying puppets for Kimi.

Although these do not have a moveable mouth, they are relatively cheap at only S$3+ per pc so I got them nevertheless. I've also ordered more puppets - will feature once I've received them!

Started to use it when I got it and Kimi seems to like the pig best... hmmm, I wonder why, cos he's also born in the year of the pig? hahaha!
Oh, also bought this piggy book which is sooo cute and some soft pacify holders.

My Very Own Disneyland!

Hb quickly assembled the exersaucer so that Kimi can play in it. He seems to enjoy it and even know how to turn around in it! So clever my little baby!

Hence, this is now fondly known as Kimi's Disneyland!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toys & Clothes Galore from NYC

Been wanting to get the best exersaucer for Kimi so it can not only keep him occupied but helps to stimulate his motor skills. For me, gives me a bit of time to do some chores around the house.

After reccing for sometime now, found that the Evenflo exersaucer is what I've been looking for - able to rock, bounce and rotate. This model can even be converted to a play table when Kimi outgrows the exersaucer.

So this exersaucer shall be IT! Asked hb to lug this back since he was going to have a flight to the States...ermm.. plus a few others which I have been eyeing.

But they aren't jus toys, they are good, educational toys aimed at stimulating and enhancing motor skills, etc, etc.

Well, guess there's always a good excuse to buy something.. better don't let hb see this... But being the doting father & husband, he lugged my whole shopping list back! Some were brought back by Julie as she made a surprise trip back to Singapore to be with her mum.

GAP Clothes From Papa


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