Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bento #62 - Frog & Bear Mini Sammies

Cherries, banana, tuna mayo & Nutella mini sammies

Can't wait to use the new tools which hb bought for me!  So I made tuna mayo and Nutella mini sammies for Kimi's breakfast today and served in his new Anpanman lunch box.  Of course, he could only finish 2 of the sammies so hb & myself ate the other 2. :)

I love this frog, bunny & bear print set!  Instead of using the cutter that came with it, I imprint them on the sealed mini sammies. 

Look here for other great Charaben Bentos! :)


Shannon said...

Those are so sweet, loving the little faces in the sandwiches. I always find so many new bento tools I "need" on Wednesdays!

Thanks for linking up this week. :o)

Sonoma Bento said...

I love how you used the stamps on the bread! They look so cute and there's enough to share with mom. Cool!

KidsDreamWork said...

Landed here from What's for Lunch Wednesday. Love the imprint pocket sammies! The faces are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Where can you find these mini sammie molds? I can't read the package information. :) I would love to make these but don't even know how to find these molds. Thanks.

Angeleyes said...

I have all those cute stamper set too but they are still nicely wrapped up inside the box! hehehehehe

So cute when those sammies are printed with the cutie stampers.

tona-mama said...

Shannon - Tks! Thanks to your great site/page, I've also made many new friends and learnt many new tips/skills for bento-ing! Tks again!! :)

Sonoma Bento - I just love the frog!!! So cute ya? Yes, we shared them! Me chomping down those with the crust. :)

KidsDreamWork - Hey!! Tks for visiting! U r Ai Ping right? I'm also a silent reader of your blog! I love all your sammies, u r so creative!! :)

Anonymous - I got these from a cake supplier shop in Hong Kong. As these are designed in Japan, it is mostly in Japanese. Maybe you can try the bento online stores. Look out for package design. Good Luck! :)

Angeleyes - Oi! Time to take out and use leh! :)


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