Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bento #286 - Children's Day Bento

Tomorrow is a school holiday as it is Children's Day, so I'm making a Children's Day Bento in advance for Kimi today.

In Japan, the carp kite/windsocks or Koinobori is synonymous with their boys'/girls' day. So I'm combining the 2 and giving a Taiyaki for school. It is filled with fresh blueberries and choc pearls. Added Prawn Paste chicken wings which is also Kimi's current favourite. And of course our usual stash of broccoli and corn. I heard there's going to be ice-cream, pop corn and cotton candy at school today. Wow, Kimi is going to be very happy!
I felt so guilty cos I had promised Kimi that I will buy some so he can hang it at our planter but I had totally forgotten about it.  Love these colourful fishes floating in the air! Ahhhh, aren't they just lovely?

Since this is the last bento post for the week, Happy Children's Day and Blessed Weekend everyone!!


Inigo Boy said...

I loooooove your bentos!
I love your site!
I hope you don't mind me linking your site in my blogroll :)
More power to your site!

tona-mama said...

Hi Indigo boy! Tks for visiting, sure, do link up!


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