Friday, June 11, 2010

New Daiso Bento Tools

Finally, Daiso brought in some new stocks of pick and other bento tools.  These were collected over the last few weeks in June.  I don't see these pick, especially the balloon ones on sale anymore. 

Heard the animals and transport picks are available at Vivo.  But, you know how limited quantity they bring in and how quickly these runs out.  Do give a call to reserve before going.
I simply love the animals and transport picks!!  Although I already have the balloon picks, I bought another set just in case.  You know how easily they can get misplaced?  And to think I paid 2-3 times more for it.  Oh well...
Bento box separators and Food Drawing Pen
More separators
Animal sauce bottles.  The tranport ones were out of stock but a kind bento friend got it for me last week! Yay! Tks Karen!



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