Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kimi's Going Home Suit

As promised earlier, this is the suit & receiving blanket that we have chosen for Kimi to use when he comes home.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Love Hand Me Downs!

Starting to sort and clean these hand-me-downs, look at all the stuff I've accumulated!

I love hand-me-downs as they are pre-loved and special.

Hand-me-downs from Jen - books, toys, changing tub, some blankies/wraps and my favourite on-loan Peter Rabbit Classic Nursery Rhymes Sound Book :

And then there is this pile of clothes from Charmaine! Wow! Look :-

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kimi Tuominen Ng - Our Baby's Name

After so many rounds of choosing and eliminating, we have decided to name our son Kimi Tuominen Ng.

Kimi, being more easier to pronounce than most other Finnish names and hopefully he can be as famous, handsome or as skillful as Kimi Raikonnen! Keke!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wu Bai + Osmanthus (Gui Hua) = Sweet

HB came back from Taipei this evening and brought back 2 of my favourite things :

1) Wu Bai latest CD with his signature, &
2) Osmanthus (Gui Hua) Mochi

How is Wu Bai in anyway connected to this dessert?

Both have an icy exterior yet inside it hides a rich & unforgettable persona. For the dessert, it has a crunchy & flavourful (winter-melon & sesame seeds) filling that engulfs your taste buds. It also has a whiff of osmanthus tea in its snow skin exterior and it's drizzled with a sour-salty sticky, osmanthus tea syrup on top. But am not sure what Wu Bai whiffs of! Haha!

(left - yummy osmanthus mochi)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

More goodies for baby & moi

Collected more stuff from the Bulk Purchases I participated for myself and baby. Mostly educational stuff for baby and some confinement toilettries for myself. Look at the cute caterpillar from Leapfrog Counting Pal, am sure baby will enjoy playing, learning and listening to the music. Also hope he will have lots of fun tweaking his left & right brain and have a splashing time in the bath.

Wah.. the warming bath gel and shampoo are really small but smells good, hope it really 'warms me up' ... hahah!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anxious Check-up

Got up yesterday and felt a bad sore throat and a little feverish.. darn! Gargled and downed salt-water to try to relieve the pain. I hate getting sick.

Today is our scheduled routine check-up and I'm having the jitters as the last check-up 2 weeks back, I had put on 1kg but baby only gained 100g! I wonder how heavy he is now.

I've been eating like a machine, packing up on beef and fish and carbo so hopefully he'll be heavier. Although Dr Gordon have said that he is of average weight, we, as parents are nonetheless worried and always hope and pray that baby is growing faster, bigger and heavier.

How ironic right? Big baby also headache as it can be a sign of GD (gestational diabetes) and also difficult to birth. Ah well, we women are complicated creatures who enjoy contradicting ourselves!

Ok, update on check-up :
Baby @ 30 weeks 2 days
Weight = 1.5kg
CRL = 78mm

Baby has turned down ... no wonder the last few days I have been feeling kicks at my breast-bone area and increasing pressure on my bladder!

However, I have to see Dr Gordon every week henceforth due to my BP condition although I've been monitoring my BP at home twice a day. So far reading is ok but when I'm at his clinic, it just goes up! White Coat Syndrome! haha!

He has also commented that I am not resting enough so next few days have to hibernate liao.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy but satisfying weekend

Saturday 11/11/06
Went to the Pigeon warehouse sale today. Was upset that I was late as most of the ' good' items were snapped up within the first 15mins! Met Sherl there, she was early so she managed to get the goodies! So envy!

Wished I could have gotten the cloth nappies as heard it was only $10! Shucks! Nevermind lah, I still had a very very good bargain.. what more, they reduced many of the items from $3 to $2 and $2 to $1 so it was really well worth all the sweat. Imagine 1 romper for only $3.

I think the Mag Mag Cup Series was the best. Although it's going to be phased out, I've gotten all the spares to last Kimi till he's 4 I think, haha!! Also bought some for the girls... how not to buy? Only $1 per cup and $1 for 2 accessories!!

Look at the stuff I bought and all for only $36! Baby, mummy is getting good at bargains! Some of the items I bought :-

From the warehouse sale, I went to OG (which was having a 20% sale) and Robinson's to check out the Pigeon Steam Steriliser which I was eyeing. No luck at OG.

But, guess what? The $129 Pigeon bundles of Steriliser, warmer and newborn starter kit is still available. Hmm, so I'm going to return the warmer I bought earlier and get this bundle instead so that means I have to make a trip to town again tomorrow.

On the way home, I went to pick up the 2 cloth crib ' bumper' which Iceblue has so kindly helped me to buy.

Sunday 12/11/06
After yesterday's whirlwind of activities, today was also another one! So tired after such a busy weekend. But I've never felt happier as things which I've ordered are starting to come in and I'm beginning to see all the baby stuffs, so exciting!

Went to JL to return the warmer and bought the $129 bundle. Also went to OG to pick up these stuff (20% discount) :
1) 1 MIM Cotton Sateen Sling
2) Pureen Powder Detergent
3) Pureen Liquid Detergent
4) Tollyjoy cloth nappies
5) 1 Pigeon baby pillow
6) 1 mama-love bed-sheet
7) Black school shoes for Claire & Sarah

After lugging all these to the car, I proceeded to Chinatown where I bought 3 sets of materials so that Charmaine's MIL can sew the bedding sets for me.

What made me even happier was that I stumbled upon my fave J&J baby lotion which has been phased out. But the shop had some left so I bought 5 bottles. If I could carry more, I would have bought more lotion but I was really too tired already.

Was so hungry so I grabbed a Mac's Chix Wrap and ate in the car. Dropped the shoes off for the girls and by the time I reached home it was 9 plus!

Skyped with HB and showed him all the goodies I got! I'm so tired but so very happy! Also HB coming home tomorrow night, this time he will have 4 off days to spend with me!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mummy needs to learn how to play!

Such a cute book isn't it? Bought this Gymboree Baby Play book at the basement of Seiyu where there was a book-fair. It's the old edition but still good enough. Paid only $9.90 for it.

The book is very interesting and informative and teaches you activities which you can play with even a newborn. Besides, the cute rhymes, lullabies and songs' lyrics inside, it also shows you which activities are best for visual, motor or sensory stimulation, etc. I'd say this is a good buy!

Left - That's the new cover though!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Oral Hygiene starts young!

Collected this today from the Bulk Purchase and it only costs $8.40 compared to $19 plus from Guardian Pharmacy!

Am I too kiasu to buy this for baby now? NOPE! Good oral hygiene starts from young and a nice set of teeth gets you everywhere ... tip from mummy, baby!

Piyo! Piyo!

Went to Kiddy Palace at Compass Point today with Jen and mom to see if there are more baby items I can pick up.

So happy, finally found my white Piyo Piyo bath-tub! Also bought the nail scissors & cutter and baby pillow cum bolster set. Piyo Piyo is my new favourite brand!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baby's Comfy Bed Cum Playpen

Today was busy, busy, busy & tired, tired, tired!

Went for dim sum with in-laws and then to IMM to buy the play-pen for baby to sleep in. Also bought a 3" mattress to put on top of the free 1" piece so baby can be more comfy and I won't break my back! Oh ya, not forgetting a stroller fan to cool him in this heat!

After that, bought some hanging rods and other small items at Daiso before moving off to pass something to Eugene at Raffles City.

We then made our way to East Coast to visit Michael & Maji's new family addition, their daughter who is now 6mths old. She's very cute and seems like such an easy baby ... never cried during our stay except when she wanted her routine walk.

We left at 6pm, only to discover that one of the front tyres had split so we had to desperately find a replacement as it was a Sunday evening! Finally found a shop in Ang Mo Kio. After all the drama, we finally could drive at ease with 2 new front tyres!

Left to buy dinner before popping by at Charmaine's place to pick up the hand-me-downs she was giving to our baby. Finally home at 9.30pm!

Totally exhausted and hungry but HAPPY as all the big items are finally IN!! I can relax a little now. But am so sad as Hb going for SEL/SFO long flight early tomorrow morning, SIAN!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aspiring to be the next Einsten?

The most talked about baby educational series - Baby Einstein. HB bought the full set for baby ... hoping that he can be the next Einstein? Hmm ... don't we all? HB also bought Thomas & Friends Cartoon for baby as we believe that "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy" !

Besides these, Hb also bought a toilet trainer seat for baby ... we really are impatient parents aren't we? Everything also start to buy now! No, I like to plan ahead & be prepared! haha!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OJT - Orange Juice or Tea??

Today at ante-natal class, we were all puzzled when Mrs Wong kept mentioning OJT ... I was wondering .. is it orange juice or tea or what??

Finally someone asked her and she said it stood for 'On-job-training'.

We were each given a baby doll to learn how to hold a baby in the different styles, bathing and swaddling techniques, etc. Although Hb was late as he landed at 7 plus.. I was impressed by the ease and familiarity he could hold the baby (without going thru the first part of the lesson) ... maybe he's an 'au-naturale' in handling babies?? Ok, then papa, you can take care of baby! Keke.

Bought these swaddling cloths and wash cloths for baby as recommended by Mrs Wong and pick up an Avent goody bag - a free small Avent bottle! I love freebies! Anymore??

Baby's First Gift from Mom & Jen

Went to Compass Point today with Mummy, Jen & the girls. Wanted to recce some stuff at Kiddy Palace but instead mum and Jen bought these for me.

Thank you mummy and Jen!

Items from Mum :

Blanket from Jen :


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