Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bento #65 - Mushroom Boys

Corn, bread onigiri and gummy

I first saw these cute mushroom boys in Amy's blog.  They looked so cute that I told myself I must make these for Kimi.  This bento was made for Kimi's snack time in Church.

However, he was very upset and told me that 2 girls snatched and ate his mushrooms!  Really, I am not sure to believe him or not cos Kimi CAN and WILL tell tall stories!  He has a VERY imaginative mind.  Well, I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt.  So, I told him to let his teachers know in future when something like this happens.

Blessed Children's Day

Kimi with his early Children's Day presents from Grandma (Transformer) and Aunty Charmaine (Noah's Ark T-shirt).  Look how happy he is! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Racing Into F1

We were so blessed when our neighbour and hb's colleague gave us 2 VIP tickets to the F1.  Although it was not the actual race night, both father & son had a great time bonding.  I had the luxury of going for a quiet, un-rushed dinner and a little shopping.

But, frankly, I didn't even noticed that I did not slow down and continued to wolf down my food and walked quickly instead of a leisurely stroll in the shopping centre.  I only realised when I was on the phone with Karen who asked me where I was rushing to and why I sounded hurried.  It was only then it hit me that I had been too accustomed to being in a rush that I had forgotten to slow down.

What's more, with a few hours on hand, I felt so lost that I didn't know what to do or where to go.  I felt so lousy walking aimlessly.  I was so happy when hb called to ask me to pick them.  After 3 hours on my own, I wanted to go home, really. :)
 All decked up and ready for action!
 This must be Kimi's highlight cos he likes all things POLICE! Haha!
 When I picked them at Raffles Hotel, Kimi asked hb to take a pix of him with the Ferrari - Kimi loves fast cars!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lantern Festival

Kimi is so excited over Lantern Festival this year as he loves playing with sparkles!  He chose this Batman lantern as he is really into all these Marvel Comics Superheroes at the moment.  His favourite being Ironman, Batman and Incredible Hulk.
 Posing with his favourite lantern
When I asked if he could just relax his eyes and not let them go into slits when he smiles, he gave me this forced 'open eyes' expression! Lol!
And then quickly changed into this 'monkey face'.  I bet Kimi will grow up to be a joker!  He can be really funny at times and try to pull silly stunts to make us laugh. Sweet!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Croc Farm Visit

Wow! I know this is terribly overdue but better late than never I guess. :)

During the September school holidays, 1 of the activities we did was to visit the Crocodile Farm.  Kimi has been bugging me to bring him to see the crocs for sometime now - ever since I let out that there was one nearby.  So I roped in Karen and her daughter for a morning of croc fun!

Frankly I didn't place alot of hope in seeing many crocs here as I know this farm since I was small.  This farm has been around for at least 30 to 40 years.  And the facade hasn't changed a bit since.  Hence, I thought there would only be a miserly few crocs.  But hey, I was wrong!  There were sufficient crocs to pique the little ones' interest that we spent an hour plus there!

The kiddos at the entrance
Besides crocs, there's this turtle that was rather frisky
Kimi's fave spot - an abandoned fountain turned crocs display
There were quite a few species at the farm
This is the oldest and largest croc there - the uncle working there told us that this croc was already there when he started working at the farm about 30 over years ago.  Scary! I won't even want to be near its enclosure (see video below for croc feeding)
Info galore! Kimi touching a real stuffed croc's teeth! You can purchase study/activity kits of various age groups at a very reasonable price.  It's a must get as there are useful croc info
The uncle stringing up the chicken necks for feeding as Karen and Kylie looks on...
Waving an unwilling good-bye

We were also so blessed to experience the process of croc feeding - scary is the word.  Nevertheless, the kids and moms had fun and learnt a fair bit here and I am sure we are going to be back soon.  As we made our way out, Kimi asked to visit again. :)

Singapore Crocodile Farm
790 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534660

Tel +65 6288 9385

Pls excuse my video-taking skills as I had to carry Kimi in 1 hand and made sure he don't get too close and my camera from now falling off my hands - phew, not an easy feat at all!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Momotaro - The Peach Boy and Friends

I just realised that I've missed out posting sooooo many plays that I've brought Kimi to.  I'd better catch up on that else Kimi would thought that all he did when he was small was stay at home while his little friends, Estelle and Enbi were out enjoying every play and concert available!

We went for this play which Kimi likes very much (he even made me buy the story book much later after watching the play) with his usual 'kakis' (read : friends).  But the parking at LaSalle almost gave me a heart attack so no more parking at this place next play!

Kimi and Enbi. I love how Enbi looks in this pix, she seems all grown up like a young lady! Sweet!

 Kimi posing with the animal friends


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