Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinner with Planes

Our simple & yummy dinner - Fried Macaroni in tomato sauce with broccoli & crab stickMy cheeky monkey! That's the response I got when I asked him if he wanted a banana
Happy Boy - Kimi's after dinner dessert - 2 small bananas. He even asked for more but that's quite enough. Kimi is in the loving bananas stage now!
Kimi pointing to a plane taking off
A nice lady offered him this stool to sit and watch but well, he was going up & down instead of sitting on it.
Yes, we are back at the open fields for our dinner. Kimi loves it and so do I! We love picnics! Watching planes and eating dinner beats watching TV anytime!

Cow Shower

"Cow shower" that's what Kimi calls it and he LOVES it! I decided to get this cos Kimi has the habit of throwing the shower head when he is excited. So, after breaking one, I decided to get this plastic one today. And, it was sooooo cheap!! S$4.90!!

Everyday, Kimi will run in and check on his new friend and do the rounds of greetings - "Hi Cow, Bye Cow, See you Cow!" that we now have to shut the toilet door. Else, he may just decide to shower himself (happened before), more like playing water while fully clothed!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr Chippy

See that?? Kimi's chipped tooth.

I was so upset with hubby cos Kimi was climbing on his back and he did not hold Kimi. Kimi fell and broke his tooth and cut his lips. Cried for 5 mins. Kimi is a brave boy (I really mean fearless!). Cos this episode DID not scare him at all. Next day, he was at his papa's back again! *faint!*

So heartpain right?? Imagine he has to live with this ugly tooth till it falls out probably when he goes to Primary school! Aiyo!

Bento #19 - Fish in a Pond

White peach cubes, strawberry Danish with ham & crab stick cut-out for fish

Don't know why recently I seem to have a mental block - don know what to fix for Kimi for brekkie. He seems to have come off bread and most foods. I am finding it harder to make a nice & cute bento for him. This is just a simple & fast one.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bento #18 - Whale

Petit Miam yogurt, organic blueberries*, colourful cheddar fish crackers & whale bread with ham & cheese cute details

At the entrance of Disneyland was this brass whale sculpture with Mickey surfing on top of its water spray. Kimi loves this sculpture very much and would screm, "whale, whale, whale!" whenever we approach or passby the entrance. (will share the pix later).

So, today's brekkie I hope to let Kimi reminisce those happy memories and his favourite whale friend!

* Been wanting to let Kimi try blueberries but can't find any organic ones as the regular ones were so sour like lemon. So happy I found these at Giant and yes, there were sweet! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bento #17 - Mickey Mouse

Chocolate cake cut out in Mickey Mouse shape with cheese cutie details, car-shaped cheery apples & banana

Hi, we are back! First bento after the trip and somehow I feel I've lost touch with packing his bento. But I know with the adrenalin from Disneyland and Mickey, this is what I need to pack for Kimi after such a long break from school. He's been saying he did not want to go to school .... So, I hope Mickey will cheer him a little! :)

But, I must say what an ugly Mickey Mouse I made! I should have given Mickey larger black eyes... Woke up late and was rushing. Must do another cuter one...

But Kimi chuckled happily and said 'Mickey' when I opened his brekkie at school. The rest of the kids were excited too. I packed it in his new Tomica lunch box.

Will update our trip and more bento tools later. I'll be too busy the next few days with laundry - I've got like 5 mountains to clear!!

Anyone wants to volunteer? :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yipee! Holidays!

We are going for a week's holiday today, see you next week!

We had dinner on the lawn (grass) yesterday evening while watching kites and remote control planes fighting for space in the sky! What a lovely way to have dinner with your loved ones, ya?

Simple life, simple pleasures, abundant happiness & satisfaction! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bento #16 - Salmon & Love Rice

Love-shaped flavoured rice cakes, edamame & salmon fish cakes

As Valentine's Day is round the corner, many bento-mummies have been making lovey things for their darlings. This is a quick throw-together lunch. The only effort was shaping the flavoured rice balls into cutesy heart shapes and lightly pan-frying it.

Those little fishes are supposed to be salmon. But it tasted just like fish cakes to me? I oso packed some fresh mango (not shown here) cubes.

After note - Kimi only ate the fishes, none of the rice & edamame and maybe 4 cubes of mango. Don't know what happened to him too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bento #15 - Walrus/Seal?

Steamed vanilla cake with cute details, strawberries, colourful goldfish cheddar crackers & mangosteen

Actually, not sure this bento looks more like walrus or seal but Kimi was so excited! And that is good enough for me.

Looking back the last few posts, I realised that Kimi has been chomping on cake after cake. But really no choice cos these are what he ONLY wants/likes to eat at this point of time. *faint!* He's not even keen on bread which used to be his favourite.

I'm not about bothered to fight nail & tooth with him. I console myself that some sugar rush in the morning is acceptable. And anyway, he has a rather physical time in the mornings. So, really, like the rest of the world that is asking me to just 'let go'. I also try to let go and not get so uptight with obsessing over feeding him the right foods. Kimi is no doubt 2 already.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bento #14 - Snail

Juicy, sweet peach cut in flower shapes, Greentea swiss roll for snail's body and cheese on bread for head/neck, mangosteen

I wonder what happened to my cam this morn... look at the pix, it's so blur altho it's on macro! :(

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bento #13 - Monkey

The monkey's head is made from pancake/hotcake and then I use cheese for cute details. Strawberries and maple syrup in small bottle

Since Kimi said my Octopus Buddies were Monkeys, I made one today for him. Aiyo, wonder why my animals never looked like what it was intended to be? Maybe, my hands are really 'dumb' these days? I thought the above looked like a duck?

But, my little one started shouting "Monkey, monkey" in excitement when he saw the bento and started acting with sounds and actions. Hmm, I'm so comforted.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bento #12 - Dinosaur

Mini butter croissant with ham cut in diamond shapes and put on the top to resemble Stegosaurus, flower ham with Dino nori cut-out*, gem biscuits & letter D and flower cut-out of Thai Jamu (Rose Apple)

My mood is really not too good, in fact it has gotten worse this morning when I woke. I felt so empty, just empty. After I prayed, I felt so much better. God is good all the time! :) I will share soon when my emotions are more stable.

I had just wanted to let Kimi eat brekkie at school but after praying, I felt better and decided to pack him one instead - a Stegosaurus bento. I know it hardly even looks like it ... never mind, I'm only an amateur, ha! In fact, I thought it looked rather like Eric Carle's Chameleon.. hmm? maybe next time that will be the theme?

Kimi was happy and he seemed to know it's a dinosaur so that's good. :) There's also Thai Ruby Jamu which he enjoys and so do I! (I don like the green ones so I never serve him that).

* I bumped into Ellena on Sat and bought some bento tools, will update in another post!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Bento #11 - Fish & Car

Fish fingers, edamame beans on picks, steamed sweetcorn, tomato sauce in Tomica holder

These days, it is hard to get Kimi to drink his milk as a replacement for his meal. Fridays are rush days for us cos when class ends at 11.45am, I would not only need to give Kimi lunch but also be home BY 12.30pm for his nap. Else, if he has a powernap in the car, he will be up all afternoon!

Of cos, if hb is in town, it is easier, I can feed him while hb drives us home. During days like these, I have to make finger-food that he can feed himself yet not 'pollute' the car. Can you imagine if Kimi decides to overturn his box of fried rice just to see how and where the food will land? Yes, Kimi likes and does things like that! I shudder to think of the scene.

It was such a breeze before to just shove him a bottle and 'race' home. But now, I need to prepare food and not even sandwiches or bread will do. He used to eat these well but now he doesn't want any of that unless it is made by Charmaine and fed by her! *Faint!* I made the exactly same thing but he didn't want at all.

So, here's Kimi's quickie lunch. This was served with some strawberries.

My Mood : Lousy still :(

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bento #10 - Quickie CNY Goodies

Sugi biscuits made by Julie/mom, kueh bahlu, plum

I really had no mood this morning and I just packed some CNY goodies for Kimi for breakfast. I didn't even had the mood to add any cute details.

Will share when I feel more at peace.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Update Post 2/2

Finally, the last update post of the things we did. Frankly, there are more but too tired to do all. Hope you enjoy the snippets of our lives, pix & videos!
  1. Bento #3 - Pineapple & Gems

  2. Bento #4 - Gingerbread Santas

  3. Kimi says, Two!

  4. Bento #5 - Roar Like A Lion

  5. Bento #6 - Bunny & Bear

  6. Cliffhanger?

  7. Bento #7 - Beary Surprise!

  8. Model Cyclist

  9. Jim Jam Jammer!

  10. Bento #8 - Panda Bread

  11. Bento #9 - Octopus Buddies

Bento #9 - Octopus Buddies

Octopus shaped sausages, Colouful Fish crackers, strawberries & edamame beans

Close-up of the buddies! I did not trim the 'skin' off the top of the right sausage cos I thought he looked so cute like have a little fringe!

Wanted to make an underwater world theme but I ONLY REALISED while packing the bento that I do not have any cutters (cookie) that is from the sea. So, reason to go buy some? Keke!

I learnt from Amy that such lettuce are great fillers and makes the bento looks much cuter! I have quite a bit of barans but I can't seem to 'know' the best way to use them. Instead I find this lettuce perfect.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bento #8 - Panda Bread

Panda bread with peanut butter, pineapple rolls and golden kiwi cut into bear shapes

Recently, Kimi has been biting his dummy so much so that some days it only lasted a day. I'm lucky if it lasted 5 or more days. Anyway, I bought a dummy shaped in Panda for him and he loves it so much that's it became the theme for today's bento.

The method of using different coloured bread to make shapes was, of course, from Amy's blog!


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