Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Check-up before flying

Wow! Time really flies! I am now in my 12th week already! Baby, we have crossed an important milestone together ya? You must continue to remain strong and grow well and healthy in mummy's tum tum ok?

Everything is going fine for baby and me and Dr Gordon has also gave the 'go-ahead' for my travel.

Baby is now 6cm in length and from the scan machine, my EDD seems to have been brought forward to 23/1/07 and registers me as 13 weeks preggy!! So happy baby is growing well!

We will be leaving on Sunday night (23/7/06) and arrive Sydney early monday morning and willl drive up to Canberra. My graduation will be on 25/7/06, Tuesday in the evening at Parliament House. I'm so excited ... will be meeting Mag there. We have booked the same Motel to stay in.

Stay tuned for updates when I return!



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