Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Impatient Wait for Next Check-up

Sigh... nowadays, I just can't wait for each check-up to come along as I miss checking in on baby's progress. Wished I had the scan at home so I can scan as and when I like! keke!

Heard from some of my fellow forum frens that they could tell the gender of their baby as early as 12th weeks already. I hope today baby will co-operate and reveal his/her gender. In the mean time, many forum mummies are also trying out different 'methods' of predicting their babies gender! So fun - Chinese Calendar, tying a strand of hair to a ring and letting it rotate or swing above tummy, length if linea nigra, etc...

For my case, 2 different Chinese Calendar gave 2 different answers... hmm.

Anyway -update from Dr Gordon's office - Baby is not revealing just as yet but he's doing very well and is now 10cm in length at 16 weeks.

Way to go baby! Continue to grow big and strong ok?



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