Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Baby has grown so much!

One of the most fearful thing about pre-eclampsia is that the placenta is unable to provide optimum nutrition and oxygen/blood supply to baby hence babies tend to be smaller and do not grow well.

However, Dr Gordon has advised that we may/should induce baby as he is afraid that my placenta may not be able to hold too long. But he will monitor my placenta and check if cervix is opened so we can only know when we are nearer the date. He has offered to induce me on 12/1/07 but we will choose 11/1/07 instead as it is easier to remember... All the ones! Haha!

But for the moment, my placenta is doing well, baby is growing well and we are very happy! All that we ask for is for baby to thrive and grow well and I will try my best to give him the best womb environment to grow ... how? I guess eat well, rest well and don't try to be a hero? Haha!

Baby @ 24 weeks
Weight = 650g
CRL = 60mm



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