Thursday, September 28, 2006

Arrgg! Hospital Stay ...25/9/06 to 28/9/06

I got a feeling that the prognosis may not be good for me today (25/9/06). Try as I might, I just couldn't sleep or nap! Am I too nervous? It seems that the harder I try, the wider awake I am... it's driving me nuts!

Discussed with Hb and we feel that instead of going to a GP, better to see Dr Gordon instead. True enough, my pressure is even higher than Saturday so I have to be admitted immediately. Dr Gordon gave me 3 hours to be on the hospital bed while I went home to pack and call to cancel my teachings. What a way to start my part-time teaching! I am so blessed and glad that Mag has agreed to help take over the Masters students tutorial. What am I going to do without great friends like her?

Actually, I have been very conscientiously with my diet during this pregnancy, so have been feeling very upset that I actually developed pre-eclampsia. I also do not have high BP prior pregnancy. Dr Gordon has said that it is not diet induced and there is really nothing I can do but rest well. We may even have to induce baby if my placenta ages and deteriorates earlier than normal. He said he'll monitor.

Hence, after discharge, it will be fornightly visits to monitor health of placenta. I will also borrow the BP monitor from Aunty Pat so I can do my own monitoring at home. Dr Gordon has also ordered no exercises - even swimming, yoga or walking. He just wants me to rest well. Ok, I got the message, Doc ...

After a few boring days at the hospital, I was really going bonkers as tv was no good and I did nothing but slept. Hb is on flight (left Tues morning) and won't be home till Friday. Luckily Kumari has been transferred to us and started to come in on Monday, the day of my admission. Hope she is coping well with Enzo.

Finally managed to persuade Dr Gordon to let me go home on Thursay (28/9/06) - but he insisted that I must rest well as BP still not ideal or I will have to come in again. Also have to be on medication for the next week to monitor situation.

Took a taxi home and am so happy to be home FINALLY!



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