Sunday, July 15, 2007

Always a Champion in our Eyes!

We've always been keen to let Kimi get as much exposure as possible as well as meeting more babies and people. So I signed him up for the Yew Tee Baby Show held by Yew Tee Community Club.

We were told to arrive early at 9.30am. But little did we know that we could have register anytime from 9.30am to 11+. If that was the case, I would've come later so Kimi can have his nap. When we arrived, Kimi was still sleeping when the lady asked him to go into the room for assessment. So, I asked her how to when bb sleeping? She said it's ok, Dr knows what to do. Ya, right!

Obviously, he wasn't too happy, he didn't even flash his famous gummy smile! Despite being awoken from nap, the "stunts" he had to do were, in my opinion, well done. Except, he did not respond to his name when I called him. Think, this made him lose quite a few marks!

In the end, Kimi won the consolation prize which, to me was very good oradi as he was doing those stuff while half asleep. If it was me, I wouldn't be as nice!

It's alright, darling, we can't win all the time, next time ok? All in all, it was good fun seeing so many babies!!! Here's Kimi with his trophy and prize.



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