Friday, July 27, 2012

Bento #256 - Mashimaro, 27/7/12, Fri

Mashimaro to end the bunny theme for this week :) Mil bought some toothbrushes with this cute bunny on it and Kimi liked it. It was also this little fella that gave me the inspiration to be a bunny themed week this week. :)  But his ears broke off while I was lifting it off aft cutting.  I'm not too happy with today's character, find that it is cut too roughly. :(

Another one of Kimi's current fave food - roti prata.  Gave him sugar and Jap curry for dipping.  Also added breaded prawns, broccoli and corn. Today for fruits, he's having blueberries and strawberries.

Thank God its Friday! Blessed weekend eveyone! :)


Tian Min said...

Mashimaro was popular a few years ago! It would be my to do list now!
You captured it's expression very well!

tona-mama said...

Hi TM,

Yes, it was and my nieces loved this cute fella! Thanks very much for visiting and your kind comments!


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