Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bento #284 - Black & White Kitties

Continuing on my pair/couple theme, I made these 2 cute kitties after seeing them online.  Someone made these kitty cookies, aren't they adorable? The cookies were much cuter, of course!  I'm sure you have seen the B&W Piggies? This is the kitty version, lol!

Kitties are made of cheese and nori and sit on a bed or rice, accompanied with Teriyaki Salmon, corn, broccoli, golden kiwi and blueberries. :)

No bento yesterday cos we skipped school. Oops, mummy is a bad influence on Kimi. :( Guess more school skipping as I start preparing for our upcoming trip. Yay, holidays at last!!! Break time!!


Yenn said...

awww..this is soo cute!!!


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