Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friends, Relatives & Pressies Abound!!

My stay at TMC was a lovely one. The nurses at the Labour Ward were fab and gave me constant encouragement during my long labour. However, the nurses on the floor were a tab disappointing, maybe cos I was given a room on the children's floor and not the maternity ward as they ran out of rooms. The food was good too!

(left - Mum, me and my lovely nieces, Claire & Sarah)

(Above, left to right - David's mom, Daniel & Cindy, David's Aunty)

(left - Sarah & Claire)

Thanks to all who brought us well wishes, gifts and ang pows!!! Yipee!! Haha, I sure do sound like a greedy mummy!

(left) A collection of some of the gifts.. couldn't capture all.

(below) Gifts from Norway



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