Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Reflections - And Baby Makes 4

Since becoming a mother, it seems like I've got a lot to reflect upon - things that happened, my feelings, etc, etc. Hence, I've decided that every month I will dedicate a post, aptly named Reflections to describe my feelings for that month. It's also my way for staying in touch with my emotions and share my feelings with everyone.

Since this will be my inaugural post, I shall reflect on our new addition - And Baby Makes 4.

Hey, aren't you wondering that it should be 3 instead of 4? That's cos we have Enzo, our lovely golden who has become way too much a part of us to be excluded.

Sometimes you wonder how a someone so small can command such immense attention, a cry, a whimper and we are up like a shot checking on baby, regardless how exhausted we can be. Is this what they call maternal instincts? I know not cos since I've given birth, I've yet to feel such feelings kicking in as yet and yes, although I love my new baby, I hardly feel a strong bond with him, not yet.

All am feeling now is total exhaustion and sometimes helplessness. I believe this is jus a passing phase and I'm sure I will feel all motherly in time to come.

Enzo seems to be taking the new addition well too. But it seems the most surprising thing is how quickly the HB is settling into his new fatherly role. Well done and I'm proud of you, hun!



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