Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby - Scrambled Eggs

Kimi is getting bored of eating cereal and more cereal or puree again.

Since he's oso passed 7 months, I've decided to make something different for brekkie today - Baby Scrambled Eggs (yolks only, no whites to bb under 1 yr).

Not too bad, he ate all of it! (left pix looks a tad dry, but it's actually not..guess am not such a good photographer! But better be safe than sorry as yolk must be cooked well).

Baby Scrambled Eggs
- 1 egg yolk
- 30 to 60 ml of formula milk/breast milk
- 1/4 slice of Cheddar cheese
- a little butter or Canola/Olive oil

- Separate yolk fom white and beat yolk lightly till even.
- Heat non-stick pan lightly with a littlt butter or oil.
- Break cheese slice into smaller pieces and put into yolk.
- Add milk into yolk mixture.
- Once pan is a little hot, reduce fire to small and add in egg mixture.
- Use a fork or spatula to continuously turn or stir mixture so that it doesn't become an omelette.
- Stir till yolk is well-cooked.
- Remove and serve immediately. ENJOY!



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