Friday, August 31, 2007

August Reflecctions - Let it Go

The past couple of months have some what been a trying and difficult time for me and I guess Hb and Kimi too. I'm sad and ashamed to say I've not been the best mother & wife. Kimi's erratic feeding and refusal to nap in the day has almost driven me nuts! I was totally exhausted and unmotivated.

However, I saw some light at the end of the tunnel after a brief conversation with Aunty Pat. She made me realise how I really must learn to let go. To me, I felt I've already 'LET GO' alot, but it seems that wasn't enough.

What really woke me up was when she said that a baby's growth is not measured by the grams he puts on or the centimetres he grows but how well he is overall developing in his motorskills and adjusting socially. But most importantly, he must be a happy baby.

She also shared how she had a hard time too with Leonard but came to realise it's really not worth forcing everything and making the baby and yourself unhappy.

So, I've taken her dear advice, log, cart & barrel. Yes, to a certain extent, feeding times are more relaxed and better now. But, Kimi being a fussy eater like myself will never change... I can only say, I will try my best to Let Go.

I pray and hope that this is only a passing phase and it will get better!

Left - Kimi enjoying his peach dessert - Hey, look, even Kimi is asking mummy to hang loose! Check out his hangloose/peace hand sign!! Cool ya? Keke!


Anonymous said...

hilo.. astro here liao..

prompt huh? give blog add.. here to read liao.. i must tell u i am totall y in accordance with u on letting go.. in fact i had post natel depression because i am such a control freak.. but now i know. let go.. if he is happy.. i am happy.. eating less or sleeping less.. when compared to his happiness is nothing..

but then again. must eat lah. and sleep lah.. else whack ah! ..haha

tona-mama said...

hi astro, welcome to our blog! V efficient, I mus agree, pls do drop by often! I, too, had PND.. in fact, I still do have it now n en. It creeps up on you. Guess when u r alone v often, it's easier to fall into the sea of PND. That, said, I have a wonderful & supportive hb but hormones sometimes get the beta of us. Let's jia you together ya? :)


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