Friday, April 04, 2008

Buy, buy, buy

We went to the Popular Sale today and I lugged back $100+ worth of books for Kimi. Sounds like alot ya? Not really... only about 6 books and 2 books for me. Those that I was interested in were not on sale. But, I still bought it cos that was what I was looking for.

After that, we went to Parkway Parade for some shopping and I bought yet another blender! And I oradi have quite a few. But I was so taken by the salesperson's demo, I decided to buy it. It's called U-Like and I like the freebie that could churn out fresh soya milk.

Kimi contemplating whether to touch the Ixoras ...

Well, as usual, curiosity got the better of him ...

Ready to explore again

Refused to hold hands again

Giving the stairs a try

When home, he had to open up my buys ... cute thing was he said 'wah' when he peeked into the bag!

Not giving up checking my blender

That got boring so it was down to the new books!



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